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on September 9, 2013
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“Make it Meaningful”.


It’s the company’s design slogan which designers at Samsung live by. Samsung designers strive to bring value to the world by understanding how people live and interact with technology, both emotionally and intellectually.

OK…but what we really want to know is, well

“How did they do it?”

Well, I guess, you have to be a Samsung designer to know the secret. SO WE ASKED THEM!

Samsung Tomorrow was at the “Samsung Design Forum @ IFA 2013”, which was even a closed event.

Of course, we were’nt just there listening to the secrets just for ourselves, we live-blogged them all over the world! That’s right!

The secrets were about the design of Samsung products at IFA 2013, such as GALAXY Gear, GALAXY Note 3, Food ShowCase, Motion Sync Vacuum and UHD Televisions. We don’t think they knew we were live blogging it as they speak. So when the secret leaks, please don’t tell anyone that it was us!

Welcome to the closed event


2013/09/06 20:54  By the way, this is a closed event with only a handful of people invited. BUT Samsung Tomorrow is here to bring in right into your palms – you’re lucky.



The Secrets to Making Design Meaningful 


2013/09/06 21:21  “Designing products with meaning comes in many forms. As designers, that’s something we have to consider when creating new experiences for consumers. … Some people put meaning into owning an incredible product, while others may value a product for the communication it enables among family and friends.”


It is about the message


Secret #1 Samsung Mobile




2013/09/06 21:32  … The theme “Design your Life,” can be summed up in four key elements:


1) Discovery: People want to go beyond simply looking at the information to experiencing information in new and different ways. Thus the Magazine UX.


2) Message: As technology improves, greater products will allow people to find and create new ways to communicate, connect and collaborate with others.


3) Moment: People capture and share every moment. But sometimes, devices even take out of the moment, as we get overwhelmed with information, notification, and interaction.


“But, we think we’ve found a better way to capture every moment, while staying in the moment.”


4) Essence: “We believe that your smart device should allow you to express your individuality. Samsung designs products to do just that.”


What is the essence of design?




2013/09/06 21:36  “With the Galaxy Note 3, we found inspiration in the fashion world, borrowing elements of texture and fine detail to deliver a sense of dignity, and a smooth, comfortable fit in your hands.”


“We live in a hybrid world where trends in fashion have a great impact on the design of technology products. You’ll see how fashion has played a key role in the design of our Galaxy Gear, which exudes Essence of Style with its stainless steel face and metal clasp.”


“It is a minimalist design with ergonomic comfort. The curved body and exquisitely finished band wraps comfortably around the wrist. Both stylist AND functional. It’s in perfect harmony with your body, fashion and lifestyle.”


Talking about the GALAXY Note 3


Secret #2 Samsung Television


2013/09/06 21:22  …Creating immersive experiences is at the core of Samsung’s TV design. You’ll see this with two of our latest TV designs – the Timeless Gallery and the Timeless Arena.


What went into consideration when Samsung designed the S9 Timeless Gallery:


1) What is the experience that users actually want?


2) What is at the heart of the TV experience?


3) What new possibilities can we bring to users through this product?



The Frame


“We saw the frame more as a window for discovering new possibilities. We wanted the TV to become part of the living room interior. In the end, we separated the frame from the display, creating an immersive Timeless Gallery design. To bring this concept to life, Samsung blended together an ultra-definition SCREEN with extraordinary SOUND technology for a truly immersive experience.”


“We saw the frame more as a window for discovering new possibilities. We wanted the TV to become part of the living room interior. In the end, we separated the frame from the display, creating an immersive Timeless Gallery design.”





Minimalism, which is fundamentally simple but pushes the boundaries of design, was at the core of the philosophy behind this.



2013/09/06 21:25  The real metal finish gives the TV a clean sophisticated back. The exquisite design detail isn’t just for the front. The designers focused on the whole product to carry out this philosophy of minimalism.





“Building the S9 was more like sculpting an art piece, delivering authenticity with its real metal.”



The Timeless Design


2013/09/06 21:26  Now the Timeless Arena OLED. “The curved shape gives the feeling that you’re standing at the edge of an arena.”


Using a new manufacturing technique, the TV screen appears as if it’s floating above the metal frame, providing a sense of strength and softness at the same time. The curved design adds an element of luxury, like a piece of fine art.


Of Course, there were many questions..and answers


Secret #3 Digital Appliances


2013/09/06 21:27  “… We had to expand our mindset and take on the role of a THOUGHTFUL EXPLORER. As a thoughtful explorer, we wanted to create designs that can change consumers’ lives.”



The Food ShowCase Refrigerator


2013/09/06 21:27  Samsung has divided the fridge into two sections – the ShowCase and the Inner Case.  When opening the first layer door – theShowCase – users will find everyday food, like drinks and snacks. Whereas the Inner Case is for the chef of the home, allowing them to store important ingredients.


The Food Showcase Refrigerator features a refined light form factor with a solid internal structure. And another element that speaks to the essence of our refrigerators, the Crystal Look. The interior door features an iconic pattern that creates a soft, glowing effect and the crystal clear shelving inside the refrigerator contributes to the overall Crystal Look. These contribute to make not only the fridge, but also the stored food look beautiful.




The Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner


2013/09/06 21:30  What are the fundamentals of movement, and what is movement really?


“To answer these questions, we studied movement in technology, movement in nature and movement in people. How do we create something exquisite, but agile? Stable and solid?”


“The Motion Sync features a hollow yet rigid structure. To stabilize the movement, the designers separated the wheels from the body allowing it to move more freely. We also increased the size of the wheels, but left them hollow, helping to reduce the overall weight.” And Synchronous steering responds to a user’s movement.



What “Make it Meaningful” means



2013/09/06 21:14  First we have Boo-keun Yoon, co-CEO & President, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics. He’s the Chief Design Officer as well. He’s giving a welcoming speech:

“When we talk about design, it’s more than just technology. It’s how technology integrates with experience – to make it meaningful.”


2013/09/06 21:18  “No matter how cutting edge the technology, it needs to meet the needs of the market AND establish true emotional connection with consumers. To do so, We challenge, We prepare and We Collaborate”



The Last Live Blogging Session @ IFA 2013


2013/09/06 21:38  This afternoon, Dean has shared “how we’ve implemented Samsung’s design ethos into our TV, digital appliance and mobile products” and I’ve shared that with all of you out there 😉



2013/09/06 21:39  So, this was A, live from Berlin. Hope you all had fun. I sure did.


That’s all from the live-blogging session from IFA 2013. Thank you all for joining me. For more information, search ‘design’ at http://global.samsungtomorrow.com



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