‘Concerts You Can Capture’ With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera and Sabrina Carpenter

on July 1, 2023
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As Sabrina Carpenter’s “emails i can’t send” world tour continues, learn about how the Galaxy S23 Ultra is helping fans get closer to the pop sensation than ever before.

Nowadays, remembering experiences is just as important as the experience itself. That’s why concert and festival crowds are often lit up with a sea of smartphone screens. These live experiences create precious memories that deserve to be captured at the highest quality. The Galaxy S23 Ultra allows users to capture memories with its pro-grade camera zoom and Nightography features, so fans can get closer to the experience and enjoy the moment long after the encore. 



Sabrina Carpenter Shares Epic Moments

Global music sensation Sabrina Carpenter has teamed up with Samsung to share exclusive, behind-the-scenes moments from her ongoing “emails i can’t send” world tour, and to show fans how to get the most out of the experience #withGalaxy.


A Galaxy S23 Ultra was used to capture footage from behind the curtain of Sabrina’s tour, as well as content from her performances to demonstrate how a premium smartphone camera can change the way both artists and fans enjoy live performances.


“It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was standing in the audience listening to my favorite artists live,” says Sabrina Carpenter. “I know how pivotal concerts can be, so it’s important to me that fans get the most out of coming to my shows. Being able to re-live the experience afterwards can be almost as thrilling, and having a camera like the one on the Galaxy S23 Ultra helps to capture and experience the moment all over again.”



The Perfect Camera for Concerts

Using the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s impressive zoom capabilities, even those at the back of the arena can feel closer than ever to the pop icon. With advanced Nightography features, “Carpenters” can also capture photos that retain the vibrancy of the live performance no matter the time or lighting conditions. 


The Galaxy S23 Ultra allows fans to get closer to the action than ever before. The camera comes with 3x and 10x optical zoom, giving concert goers a clear view of what’s happening on stage, anywhere in the venue.



Concerts are where Nightography really shines. Thanks to the 200MP adaptive sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, fans won’t have to worry about getting dull night-time shots.



While Sabrina’s shows are sure to feature big crowds and lots of dancing, videos of the experience don’t have to be shaky or blurred. The optical image stabilizer (OIS) angles on the S23 Ultra reduce blurring typically unavoidable in low-light situations. Fans can also enjoy sharp, vibrant video with Samsung Galaxy’s advanced object-aware AI.



There’s no need for concert goers to ask others to take their photos. The Galaxy S23 Ultra features a 12MP front camera with fast autofocus and Super HDR selfie capabilities that make it easy to get high-quality solo or full squad shots sometimes even with the artist herself!



Fans can watch the full behind-the-scenes video to see more of Sabrina Carpenter’s on and off-stage moments and hear about her tour experience soon.

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