Consider this an invitation to the tech Nation

on September 1, 2014
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Consider this an invitation to the tech Nation



Dear Tech Connoisseurs,


With this letter we hereby want to inform you that the Samsung Tomorrow is organizing a live streaming event for following events:


* Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 at 15:00 CEST 3rd of September

* Samsung Press Conference at 11:00 CEST 4th of September

* Samsung Keynote Address at 10:30 CEST 5th of September


We must warn you though. There is an extremely high probability that you will get a first look at the newest tech gadgets before they become famous! But that is the life of tech connoisseurs, right?


If you cannot make it to the events because of lack of Wi-Fi or battery on your device, we understand. (if that is the case, we wish you good luck; you are really going to need it.) We still love you.


By the way, if you really cannot make it, we would greatly appreciate if you can appoint one of your distinguished connoisseurs to represent you in behalf. The logic of ‘my friends are your friends and your friends are my friends’ applies.


Anyway, we will contact you tomorrow to finalize the arrangements… NOT. We will just see you here at on those dates. Samsung Unpacked is originally available on Samsung Mobile accounts such as And after the event, we will have plenty of time to talk about what happened, just like the old time!


Well, once again, thank you for agreeing to come visit us for the live streaming events. It is going to be great!




Samsung Tomorrow Staff



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