Crazy About TV at Samsung Customer Experience Lab

on February 5, 2016
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One of the biggest changes in TV this year is coming from how people are experiencing their TVs. And Samsung’s Smart Hub UX is leading this change, completely transforming the way people find and enjoy their content.


Located in Mountain View, California, Samsung’s Customer Experience Lab created the new Smart Hub UX, which is designed to make finding and viewing content more convenient than ever. The video embedded below shows the passion of the Customer Experience Lab’s researchers and how they conduct their research.


“It was very apparent that the traditional TV model is changing,” said Sophia Sung, Project Lead at the Customer Experience Lab, in the video. “Because we watch a lot of TV ourselves, we experience the same pain points that our users go through every day.” Sung added, “We are crazy about TV”.


Understanding the difficulties people go through with their TV inspired the lab to rethink the whole viewing experience. These days, people are using ever more devices to connect content to their TVs. There is broadcast TV, Video-on-Demand (VOD) services, Over-the-Top (OTT) services, game consoles and more, creating a complicated jumble of wires, remotes, formats and menus.


But the Samsung Smart Hub eliminates all of that, unifying all of people’s devices into one easy-to-use interface right on the TV screen, operated through a single remote control.


“In 2016, this is the first time we’ve really put the user’s content front and center,” said Jonathan Gaiser, Design Lead. “We have a vision to create an end-to-end, seamless content experience.”


Check out this video to learn more about how Samsung’s Customer Experience Lab is transforming the TV experience for all viewers.



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