Create the Future with Jon Bowermaster and GALAXY Camera

on April 5, 2013
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Fan of National Geographic? Or just nature, adventure and travel in general? Then you may have heard of Jon Bowermaster. Jon is a famous filmmaker, adventurer, storyteller and a member of the National Geographic Expeditions Council.

Through past blog entries, we’ve let you know about GALAXY Camera’s instant sharing capabilities, and high performance – sounds perfect for an adventurer right?  Well, Jon grabbed hold of the GALAXY camera and took a ton of amazing nature shots, capturing images that show the effects of climate change and overfishing, right from his own kayak. While he enjoys his adventures, he says that they motivate him to bring back stories he can share. He shares his adventures to enlighten people via email and youtube on his GALAXY camera, connecting to the world.


I know we’re not going to change the world by sharing the seed of it, but if I bring those stories back and share them out and manage to change the life of one person or two or three or more, then it is totally worth it


Follow Jon’s story to find out how he is preserving the present to save the future with his GALAXY camera.



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