Curved UHD is an inevitable trend and that is a great thing

on September 9, 2014
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The ‘Origin of the Curve‘ by Miguel Chevalier will be the first thing you see when you enter the Samsung booth at 2014, and you will be impressed. You will actually find yourself staring at his work on a huge and super clear Curved Ultra High-Def TV display. Then, you might eventually think, “Why is this here?” “How is this relevant?”


Origin of the curve by Miguel


If IFA 2014 is an event that is supposed to showcase future products, how is this particular art relevant to the near future? Moreover, if you are looking at the ‘Origin of the Curve’, you will wonder, “How do you even make something grand like that?” Obviously, Miguel Chevalier is a pioneer in digital art, and not many people can do what he does. So again, how is this relevant to us and the near future?



Creating UHD Content is not a rocket science… anymore


The fact is anyone can create an UHD quality video these days. Of course, it may not be artistic and widely appreciated like Miguel’s but really, if you have a Smartphone, such as Galaxy Note 4, you can record a UHD quality video very easily. Samsung Tomorrow actually showed you how to do it. This is something that was not possible until a couple of years ago!


The fact that ultra high def quality can be created by anyone with a Smartphone should really be considered as a huge step for video content. UHD’s ability to capture and show videos with lifelike colors can enhance our experience more than we think. For example, videos, when used as a mean to capture memories and moments, can be more powerful than photos, because you can hear the sounds and see the actions. People being able to better remember their happiest moments is certainly an upgrade.




Application of UHD


The ‘Origin of the Curve’ leaves us one more thing to think about. The size and the quality of the Curved UHD TV will make entertainment/culture, such as music, sports and art, more accessible without sacrificing any quality, especially with the realization of the UHD live streaming.



As said during Samsung Press Conference at IFA 2014, the reason UHD is really going to take off is because of the UHD streaming services. Samsung has already successfully showcased its UHD streaming ability earlier this year the world’s first UHD live streaming of Placdio Domingo’s Opera, the Nabucco, and the first ever global transmission in UHD of a football match in Portugal. It showed that UHD TV can give people a chance to experience entertainment as they would see it in real-life at home; and even in ways that aren’t possible in real-life, such as extreme close ups.


Curved UHD TV can also be great in terms of preserving art because art pieces don’t have to be present or exposed for people to enjoy it. Therefore, more people can enjoy it  more personally for a longer time. For example, Samsung collaborated on an exhibition (Gansong exhibition in DDP Seoul) in Korea that incorporated ancient artifacts and UHD technology. It translated an ancient art form to a digital signal, which allowed visitors to experience rare national treasure up close and more interactively without the actual pieces having to be present.



Application of Curved UHD TV


Now, most importantly, how would you want to watch these contents? In some way, Curved UHD is the most natural way to watch a TV, because the curvature is designed after the curvature of human eyes. A curved screen, concave-shaped just like the eyes,




And the radius of the curvature, 4200, was calculated based on actual watching distance (around 3 to 4 meters). This minimizes the distortion created in a flat screen. Therefore, a curved TV has the same viewing angle throughout the whole screen, which greatly increases the immersion of viewers.


As you can see, Curved UHD TV is a product of scientific research that provides users the best immersive viewing experience. Therefore, considering that we, the consumers, are people with extremely high standard and expectation, it is easy to see why Curved UHD TV will be an inevitable trend.



If you have made it this far in this article, you might be thinking that this whole thing is just a result of one person’s over-thinking, or a far stretch. But is it really? Is everything mentioned above so unrealistic? The technology is there and application of it has been tested and exhibited; all it has left is to actually take off. What do you think?


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