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on May 3, 2022
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Our homes are where our daily lives take place. In a home, we prepare meals, relax and unwind, take care of our pets and family and create memories. Now, thanks to innovations in technology, consumers can transform a house into a connected space that adapts to and enhances their unique lifestyles. At a time when turning a house into a home is more valued than ever, Samsung Electronics’ SmartThings Home Life provides an all-in-one service to help users live easier and more comfortable everyday lives.



A Connected Home System

SmartThings Home Life delivers smarter and more seamless experiences across various home appliances, such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners, by connecting them in a single platform. Simply by talking to Bixby, users can operate all of their home appliances in a way that’s easier than ever before. For instance, automating your everyday tasks is quick and convenient in the SmartThings app. By setting these tasks as Routines in the app, you can eliminate the hassle of repeating these daily tasks yourself, such as manually adjusting the settings for loads of laundry or turning on the air purifier every time you open a window. Now, you can experience a better, smarter way to live each day with the SmartThings Home Life’s customized home service, tailored just for you. Read on to learn more about how SmartThings Home Life elevates any situation in your daily life to be smarter, safer and more convenient.



Indulge in a Delicious Dinner for One


After a long week at the office, I decided to pick up some beef tenderloin for myself on my way home. When I return home, I’m unsure of what I want to cook, so I say, “Hi Bixby, find me some recipes with beef tenderloin.” After hearing a few options, I choose the recipe that sounds the most appetizing and begin cooking right away. According to Bixby, the key to this dish is properly roasting the meat. I use the Sensor Cook to sear the tenderloin to medium. The kitchen hood turns on automatically as soon as I start using the induction, so I continue to cook without worrying about any lingering odors in the house. I know I’m not the most talented chef, but I feel great about cooking a perfectly seared steak.


Before I start eating, I open the window to feel the spring breeze. As I plate my meal, SmartThings Cooking recommends me a wine that complements the steak, and the air purifier turns on after analyzing the air coming through the window. After taking pictures of my first successfully cooked meal, I take a sip of wine. It feels as if the fatigue from an exhausting week just melts away.




□ SmartThings Cooking

SmartThings Cooking is a service that helps any user easily prepare meals like a professional chef. Thanks to an interactive cooking guide that reads out recipes and sends instructions to kitchen appliances, users can solely focus on cooking without the need to dig through recipe books while handling food. Going even further for convenience, users can enjoy high-quality cuisine by simply scanning the bar code on a meal kit. SmartThings Cooking will help users prepare their meals through connected kitchen appliances. In addition, by scanning the labels on meat packages, SmartThings Cooking can recommend different recipes and tips on storage methods. Users can also scan wine labels to save them to a wine list, keep track of their inventory and get recipe recommendations that pair well with each wine.



□ SmartThings Air Care

SmartThings Air Care is a service that provides a complete air care solution using your home appliances, such as air conditioners and air purifiers. You can breathe easy with the Air Quality Keeper, which monitors and controls the air quality in your home automatically. The app also recommends air purification methods to maintain healthy indoor air quality based on current conditions. Whether you’re relaxing in the living room on a dusty day or preparing a feast in the kitchen, users can always have fresh, breathable air without ever opening a window or pressing a button.



Take Care of Your Pet From a Distance


These days, due to an important project at work, I haven’t always been able to make it home on time. I’m worried about my pet, Max, who has been spending more time alone at home. Thankfully, whenever I miss him, I open the SmartThings app to check on him. In the past, the app alerted me that Max frequently barked while alone, but these alerts have decreased after he went through training sessions with the vet. I’m proud of him for doing so well by himself at home. I turn on the lights and TV with the app in the evening so Max doesn’t feel lonely. It looks like I’ll be working overtime again today, so I fill up Max’s dinner in his bowl through a feeder in advance.


Suddenly, a SmartThings Home Care notification pops up from my parents’ house. I turn on my parent’s Jet Bot AI camera to look around, discovering that my mom tripped on the kitchen floor. I immediately call her, and she says that she cried out for help when she fell and couldn’t get up afterward. Thankfully, she says that she wasn’t hurt. This weekend, I will definitely take some time to visit her with Max.




□ SmartThings Pet Care

SmartThings Pet Care creates a customized environment for any pet using your connected home devices. For instance, your air conditioner can be set to an optimal temperature depending on your pet’s breed, and your air purifier can effectively clean your pet’s fur from the air. Users can also turn on the TV or some music to keep your pets company while they are alone at home, creating a stable and safe environment for the pet no matter where the owner is. In addition, users can receive notifications when their pets bark or review the notification history to identify any possible signs of separation anxiety.



□ SmartThings Home Care

SmartThings Home Care’s Family Care service provides a sense of security for any home. For instance, when the Jet Bot AI detects a family member shouting, “Hi Bixby, please help,” it immediately sends an alert to the other family members. Users can then search all over the house using the camera on the robot vacuum cleaner or contact another family member to help handle the situation. With safety at its core, SmartThings Home Care’s Family Care service can help alleviate concerns about leaving any family members alone in the house.



Keep Your Golf Clothes Lasting Longer


I like to spend all of my Sundays playing golf with my friends. After playing a round, I always come home and store my brand-new golf shoes in the ShoeDresser to keep them nice and clean. The shoes are comfortable, so I want to keep them in good condition and wear them the next time I play 18 holes. After putting away my shoes, I go to the dressing room and put my golf wear in the AirDresser. SmartThings Clothing Care recommends a wash cycle perfect for the fabric of my golf shirts and pants. I save this cycle as ‘My Golf Care’. From there, I use the time I saved to organize the rest of my gear. I always feel recharged after spending the weekend playing golf, and it gives me full energy to start another week.




□ SmartThings Clothing Care

SmartThings Clothing Care is a service that makes properly caring for clothes fun and easy. The service learns your specific habits based on the time, day and weather. From there, SmartThings Clothing Care suggests appropriate clothing care tips for the washer, dryer, AirDresser and ShoeDresser suitable for your clothes and shoes. This service provides holistic, integrated care for your wardrobe, depending on each piece’s use or purpose. Often, properly caring for clothes is a difficult task. By saving and naming these clothing recommendations as an automated course in the SmartThings app, you can ensure your clothing lasts without remembering all the fine details. Going beyond quality care, you can also manage your clothes like a pro using the recommendations provided to maximize the synergy of your clothing care appliances.



Celebrate Spring With a Deep Clean


As the weather gets warmer, I always bring in the new season with some spring cleaning. I start by planting some flowers and washing my winter blankets. A couple of days ago, the SmartThings app notified me to replace my air purifier filters. The filters arrived just in time, so I replace them right away. I feel very productive, as I’ve knocked out an important task on my spring cleaning checklist. Then, I vacuum away the dust in every corner of my house. I celebrate a job well done by lying on my sofa with a glass of cool water, feeling fully refreshed. I look forward to the upcoming spring season.




□ SmartThings Home Care

SmartThings Home Care is a service that not only keeps tabs on all of your Samsung home appliances, but also responds to and helps prevent problems by predicting them in advance. For instance, the app sends you an early freeze risk alert when the weather becomes rapidly cold. It also offers a defrost guide and recommends you to use your air conditioner’s diagnostic functions as the weather warms up. Additionally, the service checks the status of any replaceable components in real time, sending you a notification when a replacement is required and streamlining your process to purchase a replacement. With SmartThings Home Care’s friendly chatbot service and its step-by-step response guide, users can troubleshoot home appliance issues independently without relying on a repairman for simple tasks.



Save Energy Today for a Better Tomorrow


I’m very passionate about saving the environment I carry a tumbler instead of a disposable cup, I use an eco-bag to avoid plastic bags and I eat a vegan diet. Recently, I’ve been exploring other ways to reduce my carbon footprint, so I have been looking into managing the energy consumption of my home appliances. With SmartThings Energy, I can check how much energy each device uses, control its energy consumption and receive tips on reducing energy usage for my most used devices. The best part is the AI Saving Mode, which automatically switches my devices to Energy Saving Mode before they reach a preset usage target. I hope my efforts, whether big or small, can help build a sustainable future.




□ SmartThings Energy

SmartThings Energy allows users to take control of their energy consumption by providing real-time, detailed and accurate information on where and how energy is used within their home. The service measures energy levels in kilowatt-hours and cost over time, so any user can easily understand how much energy a device uses. The app also offers specific tips on reducing energy usage and encourages users to integrate eco-conscious activities into their day-to-day lives. Additionally, turning on AI Saving Mode helps reduce your energy usage by automatically switching your devices to Energy Saving Mode once they reach a certain energy use.





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