[Design Story] Purism: 2016 Samsung TV Design

on March 23, 2016
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The Samsung TV designs of 2016 have a unique character, stripping away the unnecessary elements leaving only the most enjoyable and engaging TV viewing experience. Let’s take an in-depth look at the fresh new concept driving this design, and what that means for the viewer.







Purism means more than just being simple. It is the removal of the decorative and cosmetic while bringing out the essence — by refining the vital elements to reveal the authenticity of the design.




To understand how purism invigorates a product, two design approaches first need to be defined.


360 DESIGN Taking a fuller view


An all-encompassing complete design should be exquisitely refined from every angle. It coalesces with a variety of consumer lifestyles, yet remains a sophisticated and modern statement of innovation. Not a single consumer need is overlooked; every angle and facet is examined in perfecting this design approach. Hence, 360 design.




INFINITY DESIGN Only the Essence


We have stripped away all needless elements in order for you to focus on the essence of TV. Simply put, you can view your content when and where you want with as little distraction as possible. When you see our TVs, at first glance what seems overtly simple becomes highly detailed and refined upon closer examination. Existing simultaneously as both an entertainment system in the highest regard but also as a centerpiece of beauty, the loop continues infinitely.






Perfecting Space


A person’s daily dealings reveal a lot about who they are and what they desire. The Samsung Dignity was designed to fulfill the desires of people who take great value and pride in their lifestyle. The Infinity Slim concept bezel-less screen beautifully accomplishes the illusion that the TV is floating in space. While this is astonishing to see firsthand, it isn’t a gimmick. It ultimately serves to maximize viewing pleasure by eliminating all needless elements.


At first glance, the contour line around the screen may look ethereal, almost as if it’s not there. However, this modest detail reveals to be gorgeously elaborate. As the Dignity doesn’t have a bezel to support the screen, the edges have been diamond-cut from a single sheet using the latest manufacturing technology. The Dignity becomes even more dramatic as you engage it dimensionally; the thin silver line that segments the front and back of the TV also subtly frames the screen. The surface of the back is tempered with a brush texture, while being completely devoid of any visible screws for a smooth refined finish. The result is a TV that looks graceful from anywhere in the room. The axis stand adds to this gracefulness as it utilizes the simplest of all 3-dimensional geometry, combining stability with minimal coverage.


The art of simplicity is entirely in the details. It is this attention to the intricacies that makes our own definition of design craftsmanship so unique.


It’s an eloquent tension of geometry






Brilliant Balance of Seeing, Hearing and Feeling


Samsung designed the Triumph for those who pursue both performance and perfection in their lives. The horizontal metal bar at the bottom of the screen gently supports the body of the TV while the slight curve of the support adds the illusion of a floating screen while enhancing the viewing experience.


When assembling the TV, the legs can easily be inserted without the need for screws or other tools. Not only that, the legs can be positioned in two different widths allowing for more aesthetic options when deciding where to place it in the room. Like the Dignity, the back of the Triumph was also designed with a clean back design; no screws or seams to ensure a smooth refined TV that can be enjoyed from any angle in the room. Together, the Dignity and Triumph personify the 360 Design as well as the Infinity Design concept in an innovative yet highly sophisticated approach.


It provides ultimate immersion in a minimalist living space





Complete Design, What It Means

The TVs you’ve just been introduced to hold more than a mere minimalist aesthetic approach. Such an approach, it can be said, is the outcome of our efforts here at Samsung Electronics to imbue our sense of values as well as the best possible viewing experience from our products. We’ve combined design with technology to discard any minute detail that hinders this experience, thereby creating a synergy of enjoyment between you and the experience of engaging with your TV. That combination of design and technology inserted into your viewing experience is what we pride ourselves in; attention to detail, to design, to craftsmanship.




Complete Design is about 100% satisfaction not only from the designer but also, of course, from the consumer. It is with no exaggeration or embellishment that we at Samsung Electronics strive to achieve the most meaningful of products. It has always been our spirit and it will continue to drive us into this year and beyond.



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