Designing a Masterpiece: An inside Look at the planning of Samsung Series 9 Monitor

on June 4, 2012
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A true masterpiece of monitor, Samsung Series 9 Monitor aims for the best in both image quality and design. With the release of Samsung Series 9 Monitor, Samsung Tomorrow would like to present a series of interviews with those of who were involved in the process, from product planning, development, design and to production technology.


Today, we sit down with Manager Young-Chae Ko from Display Strategic Marketing Team in the Image Display Business Department. Ko was in charge of product planning of Samsung Series 9 Monitor and provided a unique look into the birth of Samsung Series 9 Monitor.  Remember to keep a look out for more interviews!


▲ Image Display Business Department – Display Strategic Marketing Team – Manager Young-Chae Ko



Q. What was the planning purpose of Samsung Series 9 Monitor?


The monitor that you meet every day on your desk is often considered to be a part of the PC. But from the recent consumer trend research, we found that the demand for premium products with craftsmanship was increasing in the field of monitors.


Samsung Series 9 Monitor integrates the accumulated technology of Samsung Electronics, already a renowned display manufacturer. With this monitor, we are aiming the place of market leader in the global market for the 6th year in a row.  Year of 2012 will be our 31st year in the monitor business. The recent consumer trends such as the preference for masterpiece, and the consumer needs for the best product with the spirit of craftsmanship were the base of the planning for Series 9 Monitor, the best premium monitor of Samsung Electronics.



Q. What did you intend to emphasize the most while planning the ‘premium’ monitor product? Is there a consumer group that you specifically had in mind?


There were two things that I considered while applying the premium concept of Samsung Series 9 Monitor, and they were design and quality of the image. The existing expert monitors were relatively inadequate in design as the image quality came first. But Samsung Series 9 Monitor captures them both.


With the distribution of professional-grade cameras, the number of consumers taking on graphic works with high-definition images increased, and the expert monitors were now no longer only for expert graphic designers. Accordingly, the monitor that can implement expert-level quality that general consumers would like to purchase was in need, and we confirmed that there was a market in between the expert monitor market and general monitor market.


As a result, the best-quality premium monitor for general users was planned, and the calibration engine equipped only for expert monitors was included which led to the birth of Series 9 Monitor. This new monitor achieves the best image quality, and features a premium design.





Q.The formative beauty stands out most in Series 9 Monitor. While bringing down all functional components, there must have been difficulties in mediating the opinions of the design team and the development team. Tell us about the process of mediation or any episodes.


Usually, there are many cases where difficulty arises between the design which promotes the ideal and the development which actualizes the ideal. In Series 9 Monitor, the clash between design and development was inevitable as all buttons at the bottom of the screen were brought down to the base. I was really desperate for mediation. But we shared the common ground that we should actualize premium design, which ended up with a great result.


For 6 months, we have arbitrated opinions through endless meetings, from the product design to the product release; there was an episode where the minimalist design was overall quite simple, but the location of the cooling vent was the problem. It was quite a handful to mediate between the development team and the design group. After all, we settled on making holes at the bottom of the circuit board where buttons usually are.



Q. What functionality are you most proud of about Samsung Series 9 Monitor?


It’s not really a function, but we are conducting calibration for each unit before rollout. This time and effort of professional resources will provide the customers with best image quality. I hope to be recognized for image quality.


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