Did You Know About These Gear S2 Apps?

on February 15, 2016
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As more and more people experience for themselves the convenience and versatility of the Gear S2, ever more apps are coming to the wearable device, continually adding to its usefulness. In fact, so many additional apps are appearing with such frequency that many consumers find themselves surprised by all the new choices and options.


A series of new videos released by Samsung Electronics is showcasing some of those recent apps that users might find the most helpful. And the variety of ways that the Gear S2 can be applied to your life is impressive. Whether having fun on the slopes, communicating with friends or finding a nearby ride, new apps for the Gear S2 are helping people do more and enjoy their lives more.



Powering Through the Powder With Ski Pursuit

Winter is the season people love to hit the slopes and experience the thrills of racing downhill through fresh-fallen powder. But just how fast are you going? How far have you gone? And what was that route like?


These are just some of the answers that can be found using Ski Pursuit. You can record all the stats of your latest run—maximum speed, average speed, duration, distance, ascent and decent—and then post those numbers to Facebook for your friends to enjoy. Now you can recall all the twists and turns of the slopes with just a few turns of the Gear S2 bezel.




Voxer Gives Voice to Messaging Possibilities

One of the most popular advantages of the Gear S2, making it more than just a beautiful timepiece, is its ability to improve the ease of communicating with your friends and colleagues. And with the new Voxer app, which utilizes the company’s famous blend of voice and text messaging, the Gear S2 becomes even more versatile.


Among its many applications, Voxer can turn the Gear S2 into a walkie-talkie, allowing you to just select a contact and send them a voice message with the push of a button. Voxer also lets you look at notifications, listen to voice messages, make replies and more. By expanding the voice possibilities for the Gear S2, Voxer makes it simpler for you to communicate.




Ride in Style With Uber

Uber has been available for the Gear S2 for a few weeks now, offering a uniquely convenient platform for the popular ride-sharing app. As the Gear S2 video for Uber shows, using the Samsung smartwatch makes it a snap to call for any type of Uber car and get to wherever you want to go.



* The services listed above may not be available in all regions. Features may vary by region. Additionally, the service provider may change the name and/or value of its application at any time. Restrictions may also apply.

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