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Do the following things, if you have to watch Soccer on TV

on June 12, 2014

The world’s most-anticipated soccer (or football) festival is just around the corner. We at Samsung Tomorrow are excitedly looking forward to it as well. Therefore, as a football (or soccer) fan, we thought about how to enjoy the festivities as much as possible.

Watch it on big screen.

One of the most fun things about watching football is how players develop a play. When you can see the strategy or the momentum of the game, you become the player and the coach. Watching football is an immersive experience; therefore, you need to right TV that can help you enjoy that experience. You want a big screen that catches all the details, clarity and color.

Samsung Curved UHD TV (105")

If you are looking for this kind of experience on TV, your search ends at Samsung. Samsung UHD TVs include the world’s largest at 110”, and the world’s first and largest Curved UHD TV at 105”.

Have control over how you want to watch it.

What if you need to make an urgent trip to the restroom during a critical moment of the game? Well, this is a dilemma that can be avoided. Samsung WatchON lets you bring the match to your smartphone or tablet. You can continue watching from any location (as long as you are on the same WiFi). WatchON also has an on-screen remote control.

Samsung WatchON

Moreover, recently, we at Samsung Tomorrow suggested you the most technologically advanced way to watch soccer. Soccer Mode optimizes your TV to soccer with ‘Stadium View’ and ‘Stadium Sound’. It also features the most interactive and comprehensive highlight experience.

▲Soccer Mode

Have some food with it.

Snacks for TV watching evening

Football is an intense sport. All the involuntary or instinctive chanting or screaming can take up good portion of your energy. To prevent exhaustions during the game, it helps if you have some beverages and snacks while you watch the game. Prepare a quick snack by cooking some nachos or pretzels in the microwave and grab some cold beverages out of the refrigerator.

Watch it with as many as people as possible.

Watching soccer together on TV

Many of us just cannot be at the stadium to watch the match, thanks to reality. However, that does not mean we cannot chant and scream among the crowd. Surrounding yourself with other football fans is a must. You can go to a local pub or sports bar. Or you can always invite your friend to the house. However, if you decide to invite your friends to your house, expect some mess. (which, of course, is not a problem if you have a Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s innovative CycloneForce Multi technology that maintains powerful suction for a long time.)

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