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on August 2, 2017 by TM Roh
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During the weeks and months that followed the Samsung Galaxy Note7’s battery incident, our company took a series of unprecedented steps.  Our goal was two-fold:  First, we committed to learning exactly what went wrong, through a process of investigation and analysis.  Second, we dedicated ourselves to putting in place a state-of-the-art safety and quality-assurance process, designed to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.


This was no small endeavor. It required the concerted efforts of thousands of experts from inside and outside the company, as well as the construction of new facilities and the creation of reimagined, redesigned testing procedures.


Four months ago, Samsung executives, leaders of our Battery Advisory Group, and outside analysts met with a reporter from the MIT Technology Review to speak candidly about Samsung’s new testing regime, 8-Point Battery Safety check and overall safety and quality strategy.


We did this for three reasons. First, we wanted to present our testing processes and best practices to the rest of the field. We believe it is our responsibility to share our learnings with the industry.


Second, we wanted to catalyze a change within the industry. As changing consumer demands intersect with evolutions in technology, we know that innovations in process must keep pace with innovations in products. By sharing the steps we’ve taken, and the lessons we’ve learned, Samsung can inspire new thinking, unlock new insights, and push the entire industry forward.


The final reason we wanted to open our process up to the public is because, as a company, we believe that reflection and learning are integral to innovation.


Reading the MIT Technology Review article, you’ll find details that, until now, were only available if you stepped onto the factory floor—for instance, some tests are intentionally destructive, so Samsung loses 3% of its monthly battery inventory to testing. At the same time, you also will see how our process is built to provide as much data as possible about the process itself so we can continue to learn and improve. In fact, every single battery has an individual QR code, so we can gather unique information about each test, and then adjust and fine tune our procedures.


Samsung is committed to opening up its process, and sharing what it has learned with the public. And as you’ll see, Samsung’s dedication to safety and quality informs everything we do. We know that trust must be earned, and re-earned, with action—every single day. As we look ahead, we will strive to raise the bar for the industry, while we continue to deliver experiences that empower and inspire our consumers.

by TM Roh

Executive Vice President of Hardware R&D and Product Strategy, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics

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