[Editorial] How the Galaxy S6 Display Gives an Immersive 3D-like Experience

on May 14, 2015 by Jason Choi
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Samsung Tomorrow is featuring a series of editorials by some of the leading designers and engineers who made the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge a reality. In the fourth installment Jason Choi, Principal Engineer at Display Lab, discusses the immersive power of the state-of-the-art display.



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There is no doubt that the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge first appeal to customers with their attractive exterior. But, unlike the beautiful and eye-catching appearance, Samsung’s own Adaptive Display technology has been developed for more convenient and advanced usage.


When it is sunny outside, it is hard to see the screen clearly. On the other hand, looking at a bright display in a dark place causes eye fatigue. In such cases, Adaptive Display can be a solution.


Adaptive Display allows users to see the screen at an optimal brightness and color temperature in any circumstances, and maximize the viewing experience. The brightness can increase up to 10% higher than the previous models or decrease to the lowest level to save users from eye damage and fatigue. Moreover, the Adaptive Display technology is providing the best viewing experience, depending on what type of apps are being enjoyed. It analyzes the environment and content, and then automatically provides a customized display for video, camera, web browsing or e-book applications.


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The Clear Colors of the Super AMOLED Screen for Everyone


Another key feature is its enhanced accessibility for those who have difficulties in distinguishing certain colors. Statistics show that about 6% of the global population deals with this issue, so Samsung came up with a new technology that enables them to perceive color differences just as others do.


The key enabling factor of this technology was a Super AMOLED that can control each pixel separately. Unlike a TFT LCD, each RGB pixel emits light and operates by itself. Based on this feature, our team designed the new technology so that people having this type of difficulty can adjust the color to an optimal level.


Lower Battery Consumption, Yet Higher Performance


The display consumes a large part of a smartphone’s battery. So, we can use smartphones longer if we achieve higher energy efficiency in the display. The Display Lab worked closely with relevant teams in Samsung Display to promote the efficiency of organic material, and improve the circuit design so that each pixel can emit light with less energy. Ultimately, 20% better power efficiency was achieved.


Lower power consumption, however, did not compromise image quality. The Quad HD Super AMOLED of the Galaxy S6 has 577 pixels per inch (ppi) and presents very detailed and crystal clear images. Reading and watching content on this panel gives viewers an incomparable experience.


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A Meaningful Challenge, Galaxy S6 edge


What is the most attractive part of the Galaxy S6 edge? Answers can be varied, however, most would pick out the dual edge display over other features. The flexible display, curved on both sides, boasts not only external beauty but also creates a unique three-dimensional effect. Without fail, users are immersed in vivid color and clear picture.


This gorgeous dual edge display would not have seen the light of day were it not for years of effort. So how did this unparalleled invention come into being?


We, in fact, already unveiled a flexible display panel mounted on Galaxy smartphones several years ago, and when we released the Galaxy Note edge, this unseen curved design generated a sensation. However, curving both sides was a challenge on a whole new level, even for Samsung. In particular, putting the curved tempered glass on the flexible display at even pressure required highly-detailed manufacturing skills. Bonding the curved glass to the display body demands highly advanced techniques, but it was even more challenging for the Galaxy S6 edge as the glass is curved on both sides.


We knew how difficult this job would be, and how many roadblocks were out there. The early scepticism concerning the feasibility, and the repeated trials and errors finally allowed us to determine the optimal bonding procedure. All the related divisions made it a priority and were fully committed to this project. The matchless Galaxy S6 edge’s appearance was created thanks to such an immense amount of effort.


We have done everything we could do to provide a display that attracts customers and makes them want to have one. So far, this has been a story of developing top-notch technologies and techniques for the display panel mounted on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Its outstanding battery efficiency, clear and vivid display and improved accessibility for all people make it truly amazing. Despite this progress, Samsung will not stop in its relentless efforts to provide the best-in-class mobile experience. Keep an eye on us as we continue to present the perfect display panel.


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by Jason Choi

Principal Engineer, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics

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