[Editorial] Samsung Takes 5G and AI to the Next Level with Galaxy S20 Series

on March 6, 2020 by Dr. JuneHee Lee
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Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon to discuss Samsung’s latest mobile innovation, the Galaxy S20 series, and how the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform enables new and immersive experiences powered by 5G. It’s another step in Samsung’s democratization of 5G.


The Galaxy S20 series empowers our consumers to engage with their smartphones in new ways, which is why we focused on enabling 5G. The high-speed and ultra-low latency of the Galaxy S20 series will allow users to upload, stream and download content at unprecedented rates1. Because we know our consumers want full access to 5G connectivity regardless of where they are or what carrier they use, the Galaxy S20 series offers 5G support for all types of 5G networks, regardless of frequency2. This is only the beginning.  



2020 will be the Year of Galaxy 5G

We want 2020 to be the year that every consumer experiences the benefits of 5G connectivity, starting with the Galaxy S20 series. Our work with partners and software developers has led to new discoveries where 5G is able to elevate mobile streaming, gaming and communication, and these partnerships will continue to deliver the next wave of 5G-powered features and technologies. We are excited to bring consumers premium 5G-ready devices across several different categories, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and wearables—all available across a wide range of price points.


In 2019, we captured the majority of the 5G device market share with over 6.7 million 5G-enabled smartphones shipped. In 2020, we will make 5G even more accessible as we bring Galaxy 5G-ready devices to twice as many countries.3



Introducing a Whole New Mobile Experience

We have been working with our partners to develop 5G solutions that simplify and improve the mobile experience. Recently, we announced that together with Google we are optimizing the Google Duo experience for Galaxy S20 users with 5G.4


Throughout the year, our focus will be to support the integration of technologies like AI and 5G to ensure our consumers are benefiting from these capabilities. While it’s important to put 5G in the hands of as many people as possible, it is especially important to create valuable experiences with these technologies. We know, for example, that the camera has become the single most important factor when choosing a new smartphone. With the Galaxy S20 series, we’ve brought all-new AI-powered capabilities to the camera.


Exemplifying the potential of technology like AI and 5G, the Galaxy S20 camera brings together innovative software with cutting-edge hardware so you can capture the world around you, express yourself, and share your moments with those that matter most. And 5G will accelerate in enabling the experiences. Today, we are so thrilled to see the Galaxy S20 go on sale and get in the hands of consumers around the world.



1 Network speeds are subject to variability depending on your carrier and region. Check with your carrier for availability and details.

2 Network support is subject to variability depending on your carrier and region. Check with your carrier for availability and details.

3 Availability dependent upon 5G network readiness of carriers and market.

4 5G speeds vary and require optimal network and connection (factors include frequency, bandwidth, congestion); see carrier for availability.

by Dr. JuneHee Lee

Senior Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Team, Samsung Electronics

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