[Editorial] The 360-Design Behind Samsung’s SUHD TV

on April 27, 2015 by Yun-Je Kang
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Samsung has long been the industry trendsetter in TV design and has succeeded in captivating the minds of customers over the years. Part of this success can be attributed to our philosophy of using real materials like metal, which create a sophisticated ambience yet are especially challenging to use in TV design. What also sets us apart is our ability to exceed consumers’ expectations by revealing the premium elements of metal subtly, all the while processing the material in a more elaborate manner.


An Exquisite 360 Design


When creating a new TV design, we try to picture the environment in which the product will be used, as well as the experience users will have in that environment.


The rear side of a flat screen TV usually cannot be seen because it is hidden in the back. However, with the curved design becoming a dominant trend, we thought consumers would care about the design of the rear side as well. Working closely with our R&D team and manufacturing department, we made an effort to make the rear side look more attractive. The “360 design,” a design for creating a 360-degree appeal, was born from this effort.


JS9000: Elegance from All Angles


The SUHD TV JS9000 has a bezel that wraps around the elegant curved screen, which takes cues from contemporary art and architecture. The bezel features a soft, textured “shirring” design that smoothly connects the front of the TV with the sides and the exquisite patterns on the back.


The bezel outline looks straight when seen from the front. However, taking into account that consumers check the design from all sides, we designed the bezel in a way so that the sides of the TV seamlessly meet the rear side along a restrained curve.


The metal hairline texture boasts a high level of detail, which is expressed along the edge of the TV and satisfies aesthetic elements regardless of the angle from which you see the TV set.







Maximized Value of Real Materials Through Elaborate Processing


The elegant frame of the SUHD TV JS9500, Samsung’s premium model, makes the display appear as if it’s a great painting in a museum when mounted on a wall.


We cut the bezel’s cross-section that meets the screen at a sloping angle and created a chamfer bezel design to add more depth to the TV screen. We processed the bezel joints in a highly elaborate and clean manner, thereby maximizing the premium value of real materials.




As part of the “360 design,” the “clean back design” on the rear side delivers the feel of black metal materials and creates a simple and clean ambience.


The sleek Y-shaped stand supports the SUHD TV, making the screen seem as if it is floating in space when the TV is turned on. This effect provides an even more immersive, cinematic experience for users viewing the screen. The stand is also made of exquisitely refined metal materials.





A TV for All Spaces
We designed the S9W TV in partnership with the world-renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar. Our intention was to allow the TV to be placed anywhere within a house so as to allow for better integration into one’s home environment. We wanted to change the traditional concept of a TV, and to redefine the relationship between the viewer, the television and the home.


The gradient adorned metallic cube base supports a curved, 82-inch screen with a 21:9 ratio, similar to a pedestal that supports a sculpture in a gallery. The top of the cube, which is made from stainless steel in the most recent version, opens when powered on to reveal inner lights and the television’s sound system, eliminating the need for external connectors or speakers. The base is in perfect harmony with the TV’s excellent image and sound quality, and hints at the metamorphosis of the television from a mere appliance of utility to a functional piece of art, worthy of display.


We will continue to work hard to provide true value to our loyal customers, just as we have presented various designs of the SUHD TV this year.


by Yun-Je Kang

Senior Vice President and Head of Design Team at the Visual Display Business

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