[Editorial] SDC18: What Does the Future Hold for Mobile Gaming?

on November 9, 2018 by Thomas Ko
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Not so long ago, consoles and PCs were the only platforms powerful enough to deliver the best gaming experiences. But as the computing and graphics capability of smartphones continue to improve, the experience of gaming on mobile devices can now rival traditional platforms.


The statistics speak for themselves. There are an estimated 2.1 billion mobile gamers around the world; 56 percent of them play games on their phone more than ten times per week.


As the Galaxy smartphone is the world’s largest platform for Android games, Samsung is in a unique position to shape the future of mobile gaming. Our aim is simple – create immersive and unique experiences for gamers across the globe.


Our commitment to push the boundaries of mobile gaming led to the establishment of Galaxy GameDev in 2016 – a program dedicated to supporting global game developers and partners.


Since the program was announced at SDC 2016, it has helped over 50 partners, including Unity and Epic Games, optimize their offerings. By providing cutting-edge tools to developers, such as 64-bit and Vulkan API, GameDev set a new standard in the quality of mobile gaming. The launch of Fortnite for Android with Galaxy Note9 is just one of many examples of the program’s enormous influence on the gaming landscape.


Building on the progress made to date, we are ready to take mobile gaming on Galaxy to the next level. At the core of our vision are three principles – help game developers to create best games, help users discover great games, and help the game industry to grow its great ecosystem.


To turn this vision into reality, we are taking steps to provide the best support for the game development industry and game developers.


In the coming year, Galaxy GameDev will expand to include even more cutting-edge tools, including GPUWatch and GameSDK with Android P.


To help our gaming partners easily deliver their latest creations to their fans, we are launching the Galaxy Store Seller Program. For users, the brand-new Galaxy Store, the only store in Galaxy, will simplify the steps to find new games on Galaxy phones and more exclusive benefits.


And finally, we are strengthening Samsung IAP by enhancing the fraud detection system, settlement system and the seller dashboard. Our partnership program called Made4Samsung that started in the US will also expand globally, providing more opportunities for developers to commercialize their games.


The future of mobile gaming is limitless and now is the perfect time to join the world of Galaxy. Together with the developer community, let’s become the game changer.

by Thomas Ko

Vice President and Head of Service Management Group, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics

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