Everybody Can Get the ‘In-ear Fit’ with Samsung’s New Earphones

on June 24, 2015
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Gone are the days when a phone was just a phone. Today, smartphones are the key to our world. Not only do they help us to reach loved ones, but they also serve as our camera, our music player, our TV and video console. Our phones are our memory, our entertainment – and often – our escape.


It is easy to take for granted the role that sound plays in these experiences. That’s why Samsung has taken the time to perfect the sound quality of the Galaxy S6 with the new 1.2-watt speaker and smart amplifier, which is 1.5 times more powerful than the speaker on the Galaxy S5, and a new high-quality codec.


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In addition, Samsung built new earphones for the Galaxy S6. Earphones are the accessory that allows us access to our personalized worlds, and blocks out background noise at the same time.


Starting with the Galaxy S6, Samsung gave them a name, In-ear Fit.



Samsung In-ear Fit


When developing the In-ear Fit, Samsung began with the question: what makes a good earphone a great earphone? The answer could be found in sound quality and comfort. To achieve both, Samsung went back to the drawing board to create a hybrid design that blends two types of earphones—canal-type earphones and open-type earphones— and delivers superior sound quality with a sophisticated look.


In general, canal-type earphones are inserted in the ear canal, providing an intimate sound experience and blocking out external noise; however, they can also irritate the ear canal after prolonged use. Meanwhile, open-type earphones are fitted directly in the outer ear but not inserted in the ear canal. They generally allow for some helpful external noise to seep in, such as a passing bicycle or car honk. But they also make it more difficult to concentrate on the sound.



Left: Canal-type, Right: Open-type


Thanks to the design of In-ear Fit earphones, Samsung has overcome the challenge of getting top-quality bass sound from such a physically small device.




To deliver better sound quality in treble, Samsung re-designed the diaphragm using a ‘free-edge’ concept, and also used an innovative new material. The double dome-type free-edge structure provides a richer and clearer sound, which is enhanced by the high density and elasticity of the center dome with a new material.


Samsung also worked to tailor the fit so that its earphones comfortably fit every unique user. In addition, we adapted the silicon covers to ensure long-lasting comfort and optimal wearability. All silicon covers have the resilience that helps them suit today’s busy lives. Whether the user is commuting, exercising or just attempting to block out the daily racket, the earphones need to stay in place comfortably and with ease.


To find out the right size and design for everyone, Samsung made lots of prototypes based on research from around the globe and conducted dozens of user trials. As a result, Samsung could provide the broader choice of three differently sized silicon covers.




Now anyone who doesn’t have the Galaxy S6 can still buy and enjoy the In-ear Fit to use with smart devices. Today’s technology is not just delivering a product that is smart; it is delivering a product that allows for an expression of fashion sense. Earphones should be no exception. That’s why the In-ear Fit being sold separately comes in four colors – Blue-black, Blue, Red and White. One pair of silicon ear wing tips, which help to fix the earphones in place even during strenuous exercise, can help to enhance the listening experience with the In-ear Fit.






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