Expecting the Unexpected: GALAXY S4 Reliability Testing

on June 13, 2013
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Accidents happen, both to us and our possessions. We cannot prevent every mishap, but we can prepare for the worst. Smartphones can be used anywhere and everywhere, and because of this their exposure to unsafe environments is higher than other products. When you invest in your new smartphone, how can you be sure that it is strong enough for the wear and tear of daily life? You might wonder how durable our smartphones are. With this in mind, we would like to share this video of Samsung GALAXY S4 reliability testing.


Dropping Tests


Dropping Tests


For the ‘consecutive drop test’, the GALAXY S4 is dropped hundreds of time on a hard metal floor. After the dropping test, the GALAXY S4 must work both externally and functionally.


Expecting the Unexpected GALAXY S4 Reliability Testing (2)


To prepare for those occasional longer drops, a ‘free-fall test’ has been developed. Even though such occurrences are rare, the results can be devastating to a high-tech piece of equipment, and the GALAXY S4 must withstand such an impact.


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In addition to our drop tests, the GALAXY S4 must pass the ‘tumble test’. Simulating such mishaps as when the smartphone is dropped down a flight of stairs, the GALAXY S4 is rolled inside a box. Again, the GALAXY S4 must be fully functional to pass the test.


Impact test


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Sudden impacts can ruin a smartphone, so the GALAXY S4 is given rigorous ‘impact tests’ to see if it’s strong enough to withstand the pressure. Often with smartphones, the glass covering the screen is the most susceptible to damage.  The GALAXY S4 glass must hold up to the impact of a dropped metal ball from a considerable height.


Sink Test


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Water and electronics do not mix, as a surprising number of people have learned the hard way. Puddles, sinks, and any other standing water can quickly put an end to a smartphone’s usefulness. To measure the GALAXY S4’s level of water resistance, an active GALAXY S4 is submerged in water, and then functionality is assessed.  The GALAXY S4 must work error-free in order to receive a passing mark.


Temperature & Humidity Test


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Heat and moisture can quickly shut down an otherwise robust electronic device, so a ‘temperature & humidity test’ was developed for the GALAXY S4. The smartphones are placed inside a controlled environment with extremely high temperatures and humidity for five days. After this grueling test, the GALAXY S4 must remain fully functional in order to pass.


Expecting the Unexpected GALAXY S4 Reliability Testing (7)


Countless tests are run to ensure the GALAXY S4’s reliability, using a variety of tools and situations.  Customer peace of mind is paramount, and you should feel free to use it in any environment.  But remember, these tests are run by trained professionals, so DO NOT try these tests at home!

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