From Blank Canvas to Perfection: How Samsung Created a Modern Masterpiece

on April 2, 2015
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How Samsung Created a Modern Masterpiece


When choosing a product, functionality is not the only important aspect in the decision. Aesthetics are just as important as functionality. Sometimes it is even the predominant factor. When a product, however, is able to seamlessly combine functionality with form by blending materials, craftsmanship and performance,  it transcends past all other products in its category.


Pens for example, ultimately accomplish the same purpose; conveying one’s thoughts tangibly onto paper. Yet, a pen can range from being plastic and disposable, to an artfully elegant writing instrument that would make any notable scholar fill with envy. In the end, they both have the same function, yet their aesthetics are greatly varied.


The same principles can be applied to smartphones. There’s something special about unboxing a premium smartphone, holding it in your hands for the first time, and admiring that perfect balance of texture, weight and functionality.


It’s clearly the desire to achieve this premium feel, which underpins Samsung’s two new flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge – and the company has clearly succeeded.


“Until now, we were focused on delivering everything we could offer but this time, we returned to the very beginning to capture the essence of what Samsung wanted to extend to its consumers,” said Lee Min-Hyouk, Vice President of the design team of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Division.


The result – the Samsung Galaxy S6 – is a phone that is the very embodiment of design perfection. It’s sleek, slim and stylish. It ticks all the boxes with regards to being eye-catching and iconic. Plus its hardware delivers the high-end performance that people have come to expect from Samsung.


Arriving at this point, although challenging, is a clear indication of Samsung’s determination to create the best products possible for consumers. Project designers started with a blank canvas, and examined every element and aspect that was needed to accomplish this task. The end result was the stunning and beautiful Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.


Samsung’s design journey to the Galaxy S6 started with metal. It’s now the primary choice for high-end smartphone makers around the world, simply because it feels solid and premium. But building a metal phone wasn’t a decision that Samsung wanted to rush into. Metals don’t usually go well with mobile phones, because sometimes they block cell phone signals and feel cold when grasped. Durability can also be an issue, as many scratched or bent smartphones show – even when it comes to the latest best-selling models.


Samsung’s answer was to choose a material – 6013 aluminum – that’s usually found in aircraft fuselages, mountain bikes or yachts. The Galaxy S6 is the first smartphone made from this extremely hardwearing metal. Its strength is some 50 percent higher and its durability about 20 percent better than 6063 aluminum, the material used by other smartphone makers.


Glass Enhanced Design


Then there’s the glass. Gorilla Glass 4 – the toughest out there – was used to enhance the sleek and premium look. This mix of metal texture and deep-color glass, once considered an improbable combination, has resulted in a truly unique and fascinating blend in the Galaxy S6.


This purpose of this combination is not only aesthetics, but also for better performance. It enables people to feel more stable when held. Moreover, this combination solved a cell phone signal blockage issue.


Glass Enhanced Design


Metal can also be more sharply processed compared to the glass. The perimeter edges are slightly higher than the glass surface, allowing the metal edges to be the first point of contact if the device is dropped to the ground; a true example of “design with purpose.”


The glass body of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is intriguing thanks to the materials it uses, and how it is put together. The secret behind the luscious glass panel is a new method of Color, Material and Finish (CMF). The UV-molding technique, which is generally reserved for high-definition TVs, was introduced for the S6’s nano-thin multi-coating process. Samsung layered micro patterns inside the glass, and coated it with several layers of nano-thin material.


A closer look reveals how the back panel reflects the light in breathtaking fashion – almost like a diamond carved by an artisan. The back of the device also presents a variety of mesmerizing colors that change their hue depending on the lights and how it meets the devices.


blue topaz


Five colors were chosen for the new Galaxy lineups – black sapphire, white pearl, gold platinum, green emerald, and blue topaz – according to Samsung’s color trend research. These extraordinary color options make the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge really stand out. Together with the unusual texture of the phone’s back, the result is a striking look and feel.


For the glass, meanwhile, state-of-the-art processing technologies were used for the glass panel finish. The 2.5D glass production process gives the Gorilla Glass the optimal curvature and results in a comfortable, seamless grip. The 2.5D glass embraces both the front and back of the Galaxy S6, and the back of the S6 edge.


Unique screen


The Galaxy S6 edge gets its distinctive look from the perfectly formed, curved front panel; however, that also means that it is very difficult to manufacture. Samsung had to work hard to find the optimal curvature, and then discover a 3D manufacturing process that allows it to happen. It requires thermo-forming at 800-degree Celsius and some intricate post-processing to create the Galaxy S6 edge. The result is the world’s first dual-curved-edge smartphone.


gold platinum


The sides of the Galaxy S6, in turn, boast a flawless metal cut that combines good design and practicality. Samsung’s developers say that they wanted to create a curve which resembles the surface of water sloping on glass. Its curved sides tone down the sharp look of the metal. This curve flawlessly meets the flat-cut metal on the side. It’s a combination that gives the Galaxy S6 an amazingly premium feel in your hand, not least as the buttons are perfectly positioned too.


Finally, the concept of ‘Beauty Meets Purpose’ was born. Galaxy S6 and S6 edge deliver a balanced design with identity. So can a smartphone combine form and function in a way that exudes premium and craftsmanship? On April 10, consumers will have the chance to judge for themselves.


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