Galaxy Alpha Explained: Design

on August 27, 2014
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 Design also has been a fundamental component of the production of any Samsung smartphone and with the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung has taken a new approach to smartphone design. More specifically, the three distinctive design characteristics of the Galaxy Alpha are metal frame, curved corners, and the finish.




Metal Frame isn’t really a new concept for Samsung’s mobile devices.


First of all, when it comes to metal, it is known for two things: its style and grip. Samsung knows this because the Galaxy Alpha is not the first Samsung product that used metal (check out the solid history of metal in Samsung devices.)


In fact, according to one of the designers, the Galaxy Alpha derived from the Samsung Card Phone (SGH-P310) from 2006, which was known for its thinness, style and a comfortable grip. Hence, the designers thought of creating a smartphone with a compact construction in a slim, lightweight design. After exhaustive researching, the designers concluded that metal was their optimal choice. They also polished the surface of the frame to create a delicate and glossy look. These are some of the reasons Galaxy Alpha could present the premium style of the product in a compact size.



Why did it Curve the Corners?


The silhouette and cutting of the Galaxy Alpha is said to represent a significant breakthrough in design of smartphones. For example, the curvature of the corner is carved smoothly at an exact angle to balance the straight lines on each side to give the premium look – smoother and more refined corners; it is rhythmical.


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However, there is a functional reason for the curved corners. The weakest parts of a smartphone are considered to be the corners, because those are the most likely point of impact if a smartphone were to slip out from a user’s hand. Therefore, the curved corners increases the general area of the point of impact -, decreasing the amount of impact per area –thus improving the shock resistance. 



It is not how you start, it is how you Finish!


Since the best way to reduce shock impact is not to drop the smartphone in the first place, one of the key focuses of the design of the Galaxy Alpha was the grip. A thin coating has been placed around the common spot where people hold their phones, creating an enhanced grip.


Scuba Blue Galaxy Alpha and the soft matte finish


Moreover, as metal tends to have a cold feeling, a calm matte finish was applied on the back for a smoother and warmer touch. This perfect contrast led to a more comfortable grip for the users.



Epilogue: The meanings behind the name of the colors


As far as the name for each color goes, they wanted the name to represent the shine and frost of the metal frame and the visual depth. As a result, the final colors crafted were named Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver and Scuba Blue.


Galaxy Alpha Samples


With the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung took its design evolution to the next level. Not only does a Samsung smartphone now have a metal frame but also have a carefully constructed compact body and solid finish, being the optimal convergence of style and cutting-edge technology. As Samsung keeps upgrading its design of smartphones to meet the specific desires of the consumer market, users may expect to see extraordinary designs in the future.


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