GALAXY Note 10.1 Helps Artists Reach for the Stars

on March 27, 2013
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“I’m not ready yet…” “When things get better…” There are a million excuses not to start something new or take a risk, but it’s hard to deny that events seldom shift in your favor without your doing so. It’s always hard to take that first step.


So it’s helpful to sometimes hear from people that have mustered up the courage to take that step. They will often say that only after that leap of faith do situations improve, and that help sometimes comes from unexpected places.


Samsung Tomorrow interviewed a well-known, Korean influential blogger and one of Samsung’s first GALAXY Note 10.1 Artists, Dajeong Kim. Like so many others, she was one of those people who hesitated to make that jump, but by taking the challenge she eventually achieved her dream. Let’s see how she stepped out of her comfort zone, leading her to become a professional artist.


Dajeong Kim, GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


GALAXY Note 10.1, turning unhappiness to happiness


Although she dreamed of becoming a trained artist, due to her poor family background, Dajeong could not afford to receive a proper art education. Then with her job and marriage, which kept her busy 24/7, she did not have time to practice and develop her art. To make matters worse, a tumor was found in her left eye, which left her partially blind. It seemed like she was far from achieving her dreams.


However, Dajeong and her family didn’t give up.


Dajeong Kim, GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


 Dasan Lee, Dajeong Kim’s 6-year-old son


As her eyesight deteriorated, she returned to her hometown, Jeongeub, Jeollabuk Province, Korea, with her family.


Around that time, her husband, Gangho Lee, who knew her love for painting, gave her the perfect present, a GALAXY Note 10.1. For his wife to concentrate wholeheartedly on her artwork, he also did extra housework.


Dajeong Kim, GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


Drawing on the GALAXY Note 10.1


Becoming a ‘GALAXY Note Artist’


With her frequent use of the GALAXY Note 10.1, her and her husband’s blog,‘Dajeonghan Ganghosi (meaning ‘kind Mr. Gangho’ in Korean) became more popular day by day. She frequently posted stories about her son, Dasan, and her four cats. She also shared pictures that she drew with the GALAXY Note 10.1, categorizing it as ‘Tablet PC Art’. Her husband, Gangho, also posted various IT products reviews such as the GALAXY Note 10.1 on their blog regularly.


The four cats that she lives with are the main theme of her pictures. ‘Yaro’ is an 11-year-old grandpa cat with blue eyes and white fur.


Dajeong’s cat artworks. The left one is ‘Yaro’


Dajeong Kim, GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


Due to frequent updates on her drawings and her husband’s specific hands-on gadget reviews, their blog, Dajeonghan Ganghosi, was recognized by Naver, a famous Korean search engine, as a ‘powerful blog.’ As a result, Dajeong and her husband were invited to the “GALAXY Camera Socialgrapher” as ‘GALAXY Note whizzes’ by Samsung Electronics, which was held last December at the COEX Convention Hall in Seoul, Korea. When Dajeong presented her remarkable illustration calendar at the opening ceremony, this caught the eye of the Department Head Hyukmin Kwon and Manager Seunghoon Hwang of Samsung Electronics.


The illustration calendar that Dajeong created


Seunghoon Hwang, Manager, Samsung Electronics


GALAXY Note Day, which was held this January at the COEX C Hall, in Seoul, was a day for GALAXY Note users to enjoy themselves by participating in various hands-on experiences and events and attending concerts that Samsung provided. Dajeong, who was invited as a ‘GALAXY Note expert user,’ demonstrated how she drew on her GALAXY Note 10.1 to the participants, which made her become a ‘GALAXY Note Artist’ at the event.


Dajeong Kim, GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


▲Dajeong showing how she draws with the GALAXY Note 10.1


Hyukmin Kwon, Department Head, Samsung Electronics


Dajeong Kim,GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


The dream continues….


To develop further as a ‘GALAXY Note Artist’, Dajeong created a new blog, Dasan Kim Dajeong Seonsaeng (meaning ‘productive teacher Mrs Kim’ in Korean, using her son’s and her name), separate from her and her husband’s original blog. She has put all her effort and time into expanding her artwork and aesthetic. Gangho, her husband, continues to encourage her to focus on her painting and is supporting her as much as he can.


Wrapping up his interview, Gangho had a special message for his lovely wife.


Dajeong Kim, GALAXY Note 10.1 Artist


Gangho Lee, husband of Dajeong Kim


We’re very happy that the GALAXY Note 10.1 helped Dajeong overcome her hardships and realize her dream. We also hope that this story would encourage people who are in dire situation. Have a dream? Don’t give up. Take that step and enjoy your life!


Benjamin Elijah Mays, African American President of Morehouse College


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