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GALAXY Note, Fun for All Species

on April 06, 2012

It seems like humans aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the fantastic features offered by the GALAXY Note. We’d like you to meet Peter the elephant from Ayutthaya, Thailand. His hobbies include eating fruits, sleeping, bathing and playing with his GALAXY Note of course. What does Peter like to do with his Note? Call his aunt at the Bangkok Zoo? Well no, but he likes to play the piano, sketch with the S Pen, take photos, and flip through pictures.


It’s actually pretty amazing how dexterous and intelligent Peter is. Let’s take a look at the first video.



Here’s Peter playing the drums on the note. Pretty good sense of rhythm if you ask me.



…and the piano as well.




The GALAXY Note’s 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED screen makes it the perfect phone for not just elephants but anyone who loves multimedia. The phone’s versatility is enhanced by the S Pen which lets you quickly jot down notes or make simple and quick photo edits on the go.


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