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Galaxy S5 Explained: Everything up to now

on June 11, 2014

There has been tons of information and stories about the Galaxy S5, since it was globally launched in April. We at Samsung Tomorrow released our share of exclusive information as well, including our own not so official review. As the audio features of the Galaxy S5 was highlighted last week, we decided that it was time to check what have been explained about the Galaxy S5 up to now. Here is the most comprehensive, yet brief, recap of the Galaxy S5.

The New Features

When a new flagship device is introduced, people want to know about the new features. So, Samsung Tomorrow published an article on the 10 Hidden Features of the Galaxy S5: Yes, you can write on it with a pencil. Yes, you can enable the camera from the lock screen. Yes, you can have an incoming call and while still using other apps. But, obviously, there’s much more.

10 Hidden Features of the Galaxy S5

▲Enable Camera from Lock Screen, Set Priority Senders, and Check Caller information while on the phone

It was clear from the beginning that Samsung want the Galaxy S5 to be a smartphone for everyone, no matter who you are and what your lifestyle is. We’ve listed 12 accessibility features of the Galaxy S5 that supports the idea.

The New Technologies

There was a lot to talk about in regards to the new Samsung Galaxy S5, but we’ve noticed that the first thing people seemed to notice was the ‘display’. Therefore, we explained it. Galaxy S5 Explained: the Display showed you the awesomeness of the Super AMOLED display, the Super Dimming which allows for the fine adjustment of luminance in dark environments, and the response time of 0.01ms which is the fastest on the current market. We have the GIFs to show it.

Galaxy S5's Adapt Display

▲Demo of the Galaxy S5’s Adapt Display under different light settings

We’ve also noticed that many people were curious about the camera of the Galaxy S5. By listening to consumers’ comments and concerns, Samsung made sure that the Galaxy S5 offers high resolutions that enable fine details and textures to be captured and provides heightened responsiveness for rapid-fire still photography and FHD and HD. Galaxy S5 Explained: the Camera (HDR, Fast Auto Focus, UI) revealed the camera features of the Galaxy S5.

When Galaxy S5 came out, being health conscious has already been a well-established trend of the people and the industry, which Samsung has anticipated beforehand. Samsung has recognized the desire of people to stay healthy and fit, and has adapted and customized its heart rate sensor technology into a mobile device for the first time. The S Health 3.0 is sure to be a very effective app for health conscious people who want to maintain their fitness level without any outside help: Galaxy S5 Explained: the Heart Rate Sensor and S Health 3.0.

As great as these sounds, what is the use when you cannot use it when you really need it; for example, when you are hanging-on-by-a-string battery? Boom! Samsung newly launched Ultra Power Saving Mode. Galaxy S5 Explained: Ultra Power Saving Mode just uncovered the secret of its five core technologies along with how and when to use!

No matter how advance these features get, the core function of the phone is about the verbal and auditory communication. Since there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to phones, Galaxy S5 delves into the audio functions, so we did as well. The Galaxy S5 understands your audio use, takes charge of your preferences, and knows the smartest way to send your voice. How is all this possible? Check out the latest Galaxy S5 article, Galaxy S5 Explained: Audio.

Components & Design

Galaxy S5 Tear Down

You’ve always had the urge to look at the Galaxy S5 inside out, but you rather not crack open your own device. So we did it for you and brought you the Galaxy S5 Tear Down: Do you See what we see? Nonetheless, the article that was shared the most out of all Galaxy S5-related articles here. It is never late to look at every nook and cranny of the Galaxy S5.

Since we talked about the components, we also wanted to talk about the design. How was the design of the Galaxy S5 dreamt up? In Galaxy S5 Explained: UX and Back Panel, we also covered the story of its visual patterns, the user interface, and the back cover. You can also find out the basic design concept and why the number of apps has been much reduced compared to the existing Galaxy smartphones.

Apps and Services

We did not want to finish the article without some gifts. Galaxy S5 comes with Galaxy Gifts. Galaxy Gifts is a content offering that includes a wide collection of premium mobile services and tools designed to enhance your mobile experience – either pre-paid or discounted. For Galaxy S5 users, this is an offer of more than $600 worth of apps and subscriptions, adding up to 16 handy apps. “Are the apps difficult to install or uninstall?” “What offers do I get?” How to install and uninstall free Galaxy Gifts (for Galaxy S5) is ready to answer your questions!

Upgraded Services of the Galaxy S5

▲Galaxy S5’s upgraded services: Samsung WatchON & S Console

Not only is Galaxy S5 loaded with the unexpected offers, it also comes with upgraded services. To provide the most frequently used features such as multimedia, game, and content sharing and managing, 4 Upgraded Services of the Galaxy S5 is an article you’ll want to check out!

And More

Pink Galaxy S5

▲Pink Galaxy S5 launched in Japan

Plus, on May 15th, the Galaxy S5 was finally released in Japan. As the last country where the Galaxy S5 has been launched, a special pink model of the Galaxy S5 was offered. Why did Samsung offer a pink phone for Japan? Find out the reason and the two exclusive beautiful pink models here: Pink Galaxy S5 is only available in Japan, Here is why.

So there you have it, all in one place – everything Samsung Tomorrow has brought to you about the Galaxy S5 up to now. Is there something we missed? Which article is the one you enjoyed the most? Feel free to share your comments below!



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