Galaxy S5: So what were the Icons from Samsung Unpacked 2014 Invitation about?

on May 2, 2014
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No seriously, what were the icons from Samsung Unpacked 2014 invitation about?


Samsung Unpacked 5 Invitation


The image above was sent out to the world as a teaser/invitation for the Unpacked 2014 where the Galaxy S5 was introduced. When the image was released, there were many speculations about the 9 icons: Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life.


Now that the Galaxy S5 is globally available, doesn’t it make you wonder how much this teaser/invitation actually revealed about the Galaxy S5?



Q1. Are the icons actually used in the Galaxy S5?


Yes. But you will not find them by just skimming through the smartphone. The ‘settings’ section of the Galaxy S5 consists of 9 categories: Quick Settings, Network Connections, Connect and Share, Sound and Display, Personalization, Motion, User and Backup, System and Application. Most of the icons could be found here.


List of Icons of Setting of Galaxy S5   

▲ List of icons of the ‘Setting’ of the Galaxy S5 



9 icons and 9 categories? Was this intended? Unfortunately, we did not have a solid evidence to connect the two.


Anyway, while the categories and icons in the ‘settings’ are pretty intuitive and self-explanatory, during the investigation we found out that not all of the ‘Unpacked icons’ were found in the Galaxy S5. For example, the Unpacked 2014 icons for ‘Fitness, ‘Social’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Life’ couldn’t be found anywhere.



Q2. Then what are the missing icons of ‘‘Life’, ‘Fitness, ‘Social’ and ‘Fun’?


Unpacked Fitness Icon (Fitness)


We have a very solid hunch that the ‘Fitness’ icon represents the S Health of the Galaxy S5. The reason we say it is a ‘hunch’ is that although the icons look stunningly similar to each other, they aren’t identical. However, it is a very solid hunch, because the S Health 3.0 of the Galaxy S5 is a heavily fitness oriented service. It provides a comprehensive personal fitness tracker to help users monitor and manage users’ behavior, along with additional tools including a pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a new, built-in heart rate monitor.



Unpacked Fun and Social Icon (Fun and Social)


We at Samsung Tomorrow have concluded that these icons represent the philosophy of the Galaxy S5. Here are some reasons Galaxy S5 is fun. Ultra Power Saving Mode maximizes the battery life for longer device usage. IP67 dust and water resistance of it give you a peace of mind. The Finger Scanner safely protects your device from strangers. The Super AMOLED display supports high quality contents. The 16MP camera is perfect to capture real off-line moments. Lastly, the fifth generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 2X2 MIMO, the LTE Category 4 standard, basically, offers the most advanced powerful way to share those moments with your friends and family. Whoa!



Unpacked Life Icon (Life and the 5)


This icon doesn’t really need much of an investigation or analysis. It obviously is an icon for the Unpacked 2014. However, according to the insider, the 5 represents more than just the Galaxy S5. The 5 on each icon is a metaphor for ‘Maximizing Potential.’ Therefore, the ‘5’ next to ‘Life’ means it will maximize the potential of the quality of life. According to our inductive method of investigation, Galaxy S5 does seem to feature a lot of functions that could refine users’ everyday life.



Concluding the Investigation


Honestly, we are not sure if we used the inductive method or the deductive method to conclude our investigation, but the conclusion is this. The Unpacked 2014 teaser/invitation revealed quite a lot of information about the Galaxy S5 prior to its introduction. Therefore, next time Samsung teases you about its big event or product, there are definitely going to be some breadcrumbs we can follow.  


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