Galaxy Tab 10.1 Real Experiments Part 1.

on August 5, 2011
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As part of marketing efforts for the GALAXY Tab 10.1 in Korea, we carried out a total of 6 experiments regarding what consumers wanted to know about the GALAXY Tab 10.1. Questions were taken on our facebook fanpage. This week, we would like to share the first two experiments.



Real Experiments #001 – Weight



We’ve been playing with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a while now, so we know how light it is. But we were wondering how we could show our average customer its light weight. So we decided to set up a display experiment so our customers could compare the weight of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to everyday items.


Here’s the video. Maybe you’ll even learn a little Korean while you watch! (Though of course we put in English subtitles)



We compared the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a bottle of lemonade (630g), a book (740g), a bottle of milk (590g), a banana (600g), a pack of tofu (625g), a pack of tissues (740g) and so on. The scale the verdict.


You can see the amazement on the faces of the customers who tried our experiment. Check out your bag right now, there are probably many things in it that outweighs the GALAXY Tab 10.1. Pretty sure portability isn’t that big of an issue now, is it?



Real Experiments #002 – Sound



Even though people say Galaxy Tab 10.1 has great sound quality you’ll never know until you actually experience it. So again, the Real Experiments crew came up with something fun. Here’s the set-up: We sent the guy in the green t-shirt and had him pretend to beatbox, but the sound was actually coming from the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This footage was taken at ‘d’light Shop’, a Samsung store right under the Samsung Electronics HQ in the heart of Seoul. Check out the surprise on the faces of the shoppers.



People assumed the sound they heard was the genuine sound made by a human being. But it was from Galaxy Tab 10.1. Talk about real sounds! We might try DJing next time.


So there you have it – Galaxy Tab 10.1 is light enough to carry around all day, and the sound is good enough to listen to loud music or watch TV on. Check back here for more Real Experiments.


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