Galaxy Tab Active and other Galaxy Tablets in the logistics and transportation business

on September 10, 2014
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As internet speeds get ever faster, the online shopping industry has been seeing a significant and steady growth. However, the development of online shopping could have not been possible if freight and transportation providers grew at a similar pace. Moreover, the logistics and transportation industry is expected to experience long-term growth, due to factors such as globalization and urbanization, especially in developing economies in the Asia-Pacific region.


Recognizing the growing demand in this particular industry, Samsung has been working with various freight and transportation providers to improve their overall service and customer experience. And at IFA 2014, Samsung is showcasing a glimpse of what the Galaxy Tab Active and Galaxy Tablet can do for the logistics and transportation industry.




Galaxy Tab Active


At Samsung’s IFA 2014 Press Conference, Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab Active, its first tablet built specifically for business. With its special rugged and portable design, water, dust and shock resistance, and detachable battery with 8-10 hours of continuous operations, the Galaxy Tab Active is versatile enough to provide various solutions for logistics and transportation industry.


These specific characteristics of the Galaxy Tab Active provide a great access to mobile technology to professionals such as couriers, maintenance technicians, and pilots.




For example, in professions where time is of the essence, there is simply no time to fumble around with paper manuals. Precious time is wasted every day as cumbersome manuals are thumbed through, with vital information buried in the pages.


Professionals such as couriers, maintenance technicians, and pilots can use the Galaxy Tab Active as a way to access Service Guidebooks, manuals, and aviation maps electronically with a simple touchscreen tap. It also makes it much easier to find the information they need at the time.




Samsung Galaxy Tablets


For the Rail and Air transportation industry, a quality onboard experience plays a significant role as a determinative factor in their overall service. This is especially difficult considering passengers have to stay put in a limited space for a long time.


If mounted to the back of the passenger seats, Samsung Galaxy tablets can be a great tool for providing multimedia entertainment in HD resolution. It can also be used for e-catalogs, shopping, and travel guides. Allowing for varied entertainment options can comfort train or flight passengers, and leave a positive onboard experience.


One other crucial moment in determining the overall customer experience is the moment when customers need to pay, signaling the end of the transaction; the point of sale. If the payment process doesn’t go through smoothly or as quickly as they expected, it can lead to annoyance for customers and retailers.




Samsung offers mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions on Galaxy Tablets. This streamlined payment method can not only make payment processing quick and simple, it can also reduce hardware and equipment costs. This solution can be used in a variety of situations, from couriers who frequently visit door-to-door, to rail conductors and flight attendants who need to execute a transaction on-the-go with a customer.


Samsung provides customized solutions to fit the needs and demands of each enterprise in different industries and the examples above are just a few of the offered solutions for the logistics and transportation industry. We will be covering more on Samsung’s B2B solutions for different industries so stay tuned. Check out more information on



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