Galaxy Tab S: 3 Things You didn’t know about the Accessories

on August 21, 2014
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Milk and cookies, sneakers and snapbacks; some combinations just make the experience so much better. As one of Samsung Tomorrow’s editors noted, with the same is true for the Galaxy Tab S and the new accessories for it. The accessories really enhance the experience of the Galaxy Tab S, mainly thanks to their complementary design. We at Samsung Tomorrow talked to the designers of the accessories, and found the top three interesting things about the products that will help complete your Galaxy Tab S.



Magnetic Force brings you the ideal viewing angle


To enhance the portability, productivity, and viewing experience of the Galaxy Tab S, the designers designed a sleek and tailored Book Cover, which can be adjusted to three modes: Viewing Mode, Touch Mode, and Typing Mode. According to the designers, finding the optimal modes was the most challenging part of the design, especially the Viewing Mode.


Viewing Mode, Touch Mode, Typing Mode (from the left)


For example, it was relatively easy to make the tablet stay upright when on a hard surface, like a desk or table. However, maintaining the ideal angle when users were holding it in their hands, or placing it on their laps was a different story. The tablet kept collapsing and lying flat, because the folding parts were not solid enough. After many exhaustive attempts, designers decided to go magnetic with the folding parts which stick together easily and maintain that angle even when the tablet is held with the hand, which provided great results.


* The designers decided to make the angle similar to the angle when using a laptop, i.e. 115 degrees. This angle allows the users to have familiar typing mode.



Clutch Bags Inspired Functionality


Clutch Bags Inspired Functionality

The designers wanted the accessorized Galaxy Tab S to resemble a clutch bag for both style and functionality reasons. For example, the designers believed that Bluetooth Keyboard needed to be able to be fastened tightly to the tablet. Inspired by the locking of the clutch bag, the clip hinge locking structure was developed.



The Gold of the Sunset


2 colors are available for the Galaxy Tab S and Bluetooth Keyboard – Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze. The designers wanted to make sure the colors contribute to the identity to the device. Therefore, to differentiate the color from others in the market, yet look natural to the users, the designers had to find their inspirations from nature. .


The Gold of the Sunset  


For example, the Titanium Bronze was inspired by the gold of a sunset. With this particular design vision, paint type was another major consideration, as it had to stand up to heavy use and look like nothing that is currently out there. Thus, they combined a black metallic spray with a rose gold accent, creating the Titanium Bronze. In fact, this color is one of the factors that typifies the modern look of the Galaxy Tab S.


As you have seen, with the new accessories, the Galaxy Tab S not only looks slimmer, more colorful, and stylish but also has better productivity, portability, and functionality. Samsung designers claim that they are not going to design the product first and then the accessories anymore but design the accessories that match with the product in the product development stage. This change will make the users feel that the product and accessories are unified, not individual items. 



*All functionality features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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