[Galaxy Unpacked 2023] The Epic Rundown of Galaxy Innovations

on February 3, 2023
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At this year’s Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung Electronics unveiled a lineup of new products that offered users the ultimate and most premium mobile experiences yet. At the same time, visitors dove headfirst into an interactive, immersive experience at the marquee Galaxy Experience Space in San Francisco, exploring the latest Samsung Galaxy innovations and experiencing these new products firsthand.


▲ At the San Francisco Galaxy Experience Space, visitors can interact with the Galaxy S23 series and other newly unveiled innovations from Galaxy Unpacked 2023.


Whether it’s getting behind the lens of Galaxy’s latest camera system or testing the potential of Galaxy’s connected ecosystem, the fan reaction to everything revealed on February 1 has been nothing short of epic. Keep reading to learn more about Galaxy users’ responses to Samsung’s latest innovations.



Highlight of Galaxy Unpacked 2023: Hands-on With Galaxy S23 Series

The mystery behind Galaxy Unpacked 2023’s invitation has finally been revealed. The three light bulbs featured prominently on the invitation represent the three lenses of the new and improved camera on the Galaxy S23 series. The rear camera design with linear lenses can be found on the new Galaxy S23 series, including S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra.


▲ The Galaxy S23 series has been released in Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender. The rear phone cameras have been vertically aligned for a unified and refined look. From left, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23.


The S23 (6.1”) and S23+ (6.6”) feature a premium flat design with a simple and refined look. The S23 Ultra (6.8”) has a sturdy and sophisticated edge design as a flagship model, complete with a built-in S Pen.


▲ The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ feature a slim, flat design, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a rugged edge design.


▲ The S Pen offers users more ways to interact with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


Available in four colors — Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender — the Galaxy S23 series boasts a sleek and sturdy design with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2, protecting the device from scratches and falls.



Camera: Ultra High Resolution With 200MP, Enhanced Nightography and More

Premium is the perfect way to summarize the experience offered by cameras in the new Galaxy S23 series. The Galaxy S23 series comes equipped with a 10MP Telephoto Camera and the 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera – so every shot comes out picture-perfect. Meanwhile, the Wide Cameras on S23 and S23+ have 50MP, while the S23 Ultra offers a 200MP ultra-high resolution. You can take a clear picture using the Wide Camera with sharp lines and vivid colors, even when tightly zooming in. Also, an improved 12MP front camera for all three models enables users to enjoy a bright and clear selfie experience.


▲ The Galaxy S23 and S23+ cameras offer multiple magnification settings.


▲ Users can capture and zoom in on every detail with Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Ultra Wide Mode.


▲ The Galaxy S23 Ultra packs 200MP in the main, wide camera. Visitors could zoom in on the ultra-high resolution photo to reveal the dots on the digital wall in the background.


The Galaxy Experience Space also encouraged visitors to try the enhanced Nightography on Galaxy S23 series cameras. All front and back cameras have been improved and optimized for taking pictures in darkness, including enhanced night selfies and portraits. So even in low light, users can always look camera-ready.


▲ With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, visitors can experience the improved Nightography feature while taking selfies in the Capture the Epic experience zone.


▲ Nightography reduces noise, even in dark environments. The Galaxy S23 Ultra uses AI based Object-aware engine to capture subjects clearly, allowing selfie videos to come to life at night.



Level Up Your Mobile Gaming

Gaming isn’t just for PC or console users – anyone can enjoy quality gaming on the Galaxy S23 series. Mobile gaming is now more popular than ever, so having a smooth, stable, high-definition gaming experience is essential to smartphones.


▲ In the Play the Epic Zone, visitors can experience how the Galaxy S23 series brings mobile gaming to the next level.


When a player is in the middle of the game, even a slight delay can cause critical issues. For instance, racing games require fast-loading screens, so any distraction can get even the most experienced players off track. However, a racing game on Galaxy S23 Ultra provides not only full immersion but also no disruptions. With a display that supports super smooth 120Hz refresh rate, coupled with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, gamers can expect smoother graphics, faster response speeds and a seamless gaming experience.


▲ In the Play the Epic zone, visitors enjoyed high-definition mobile racing games on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.



Designed With the Planet in Mind

At first glance, it isn’t easy to see how and where the Galaxy S23 series incorporates eco-conscious materials. However, the Galaxy S23 series was made with more recycled materials than ever, furthering Samsung’s inspiring vision for sustainability.


▲ The Galaxy S23 series incorporates more recycled material than any Galaxy smartphone to date.


The latest Galaxy S23 series is made from recycled aluminum, glass and PET, in addition to repurposed ocean-bound plastic. What’s more, with a 100% recycled paper package box and paper-based materials used for front and back protectors, the Galaxy S23 series is eco-conscious from the inside out. In total, the number of parts using recycled materials in the lineup increased to 12.



Unfolding Galaxy Book3 Series at Galaxy Unpacked 2023

In the Galaxy Experience Space, visitors discovered a new addition to the Galaxy Book3 Series. Galaxy Book3 Ultra, introduced for the first time at Galaxy Unpacked along with the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book3 Pro, supercharges users’ productivity and creativity with seamless multi-device continuity and powerful performance.


▲ The Galaxy Book3 series, consisting of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book 3 Pro, was announced at Galaxy Unpacked 2023.


Galaxy Book3 Ultra’s new Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and 3K high resolution with a 16:10 screen ratio provide a rich and detailed viewing experience with its wide and immersive screen.


▲ Samsung introduces the power of Ultra to its PCs with the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, shown here next to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


The Galaxy Book3 series offers ultra-high performance in a slim, light and compact design. Today’s professionals need a laptop that packs a punch and processes multiple things simultaneously. The Galaxy Book3 Ultra features the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor and the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 Laptop GPU,1 which can handle complex graphic projects or heavy-loading games with ease.


▲ The Galaxy Book3 Ultra is equipped with the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 Laptop GPU for smooth, powerful performance across work and play.



Connect Your Life With Galaxy Ecosystem

The connected experience among the Galaxy devices makes daily life easier for Galaxy users everywhere. The latest Galaxy Book3 Series is a powerful addition to the Galaxy ecosystem, which contains smartphones, tablets and more. Through seamless connectivity, users can enjoy new and convenient features like never before, including easy file or photo transfers between devices.


▲ With S Pen and touchscreen capabilities, the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 combines the functions of a tablet and a PC at the same time.


With the new Samsung Multi Control, users can control Galaxy devices, including tablets and now smartphones, with the Galaxy Book3 series’ keyboard and trackpad. Users can even drag and drop images or text between the devices for even more effective collaboration on a project. When extra working space is needed, Second Screen allows users to connect to their Galaxy tablet as an additional monitor. Even with features such as Quick Share, sending and receiving files, images and videos between a Galaxy smartphone and a Galaxy Book is simple and quick.


▲ Anyone can easily copy and paste images from the Galaxy S23 Ultra to the Galaxy Book3 Ultra using the Samsung Multi Control feature.


▲ Samsung’s latest innovations bring more choices and connections across the Galaxy ecosystem, including the Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy Book3 Ultra.


The Galaxy Experience Space opened at the same time as this year’s Galaxy Unpacked and was packed with event visitors who had an overwhelmingly epic response. To see the future of these devices in person, visit the Galaxy Experience Space from February 1 – 25 at 111 Powell Street in San Francisco. Stay tuned to Newsroom for more coverage of the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Book3 series and all of Samsung’s latest innovations.



1 CPU and GPU specifications may vary depending on model, country or region.

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