Gastronomy Goes Virtual with the Samsung Club des Chefs

on September 5, 2015
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Today, IFA officially opened its doors to the public and attendees were quick to flock to the Samsung exhibit, housed in CityCube Berlin. Making their way between demonstration areas, visitors checked out the latest products and services from Samsung, but perhaps no other area attracted more attention than the Club des Chefs kitchen. Here, attendees were invited to embark on a visual and gustatory culinary journey that would not soon be forgotten.




President and CEO of Samsung Electronics BK Yoon greeted guests as he entered the cooking space bedecked with a number of the dazzling appliances of the Chef Collection series. Designed by Samsung engineers in coordination with the culinary masters of the Samsung Club des Chefs, selected members of the world’s top culinary artists, the appliances have garnered a great deal of attention since their release at IFA last year.


Yoon noted that what attendees would soon witness would be a very special moment that would allow them to experience how technology can enrich one’s passion for cooking, stating, “Our passion continues to grow with all these possibilities and Samsung will always try hard to offer you better experiences.”




With that, guests were asked to put on the Gear VR headsets that had been distributed and after doing so, were immediately transported to a farm in France, face-to-face with world-renowned chef and President of Samsung Club des Chefs Michel Troisgros. Troisgros then gave viewers an exclusive look at a day in the life of a Michelin starred chef, from choosing the freshest ingredients to incorporating them into fantastic culinary delights with the help of a talented kitchen staff and the Chef Collection appliances.




Soon enough, the virtual journey ended and after attendees removed their headsets, they were greeted by Troisgros himself, who was eager to share with visitors a taste of his acclaimed food by preparing a signature dish of zucchini stuffed with grapefruit and apple-basil aspic. Guests sipped champagne as Troisgros walked them through his recipe, noting how the Chef Collection refrigerator’s Precise Chef Cooling feature was essential in helping him get the desired results while preserving the original flavors of the ingredients.


World-class chefs Elena Arzak and Modest Amaro joined Troisgros, also sharing their own favorite recipes and offering a variety of cooking tips from how to incorporate certain spices into a dish to the importance of presentation.


Guests looked on, eager to sample the mouthwatering dishes that came to life in front of them and soon enough, they were given a chance to do so. BK Yoon, too, was just as excited about the tasting as the rest of the attendees and had only words of praise when he sampled the three chefs’ dishes. As the showcase winded down, guests were able to get a closer look at the innovative Chef Collection kitchen appliances on display.

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