Gear Live, Another Collaboration Done Right

on July 1, 2014
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You’ve heard the news. Samsung and Google have combined forces to introduce a new Android wearable optimized for Google Mobile Services, and it’s called Samsung Gear Live. This was first shown at the Google I/O last week.

gear live at google io

With the Samsung Gear Live, Samsung’s Gear portfolio has expanded to total of 5 devices: Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit, and Gear Live. As we mentioned recently, Samsung has been one of the leaders in the wearable movement with its wide range of portfolio for wearables and effort to develop better devices. Gear Live is just another case that reaffirms Samsung commitment to wearables.

What makes it ‘Gear’ Live

The first thing you probably noticed are the similarities with its older siblings – the name, obviously, look and feel, ‘smart watch’ features like notifications, etc. There are other products on the market but the gorgeous screen, heart rate monitor, compliance with IP67 really puts Gear Live apart. Interchangeable straps also help the product become a more fashionable solution. Other watches, you can just strap on the one you feel like that day, but smartwatches, with the connectivity and all, aren’t exactly like that. So all in all, you get the same awesome build, familiar Gear design, and experience. And just as we did with Galaxy Note, we expect to expand the ‘Gear’ brand across the ‘wearable’ category.

Gear Live Product Specifications

What makes it Gear ‘Live’

There are some differences with other Gear products, too. Gear live has no camera, no IR sensor, but a compass. This can help keep you better oriented on hikes, bike rides or when you’re trying to navigate through the city. It also probably helps with Google Map as well 😉

But the core difference of the Gear Live and the other Gear is its operating system and software. Gear Live is powered by Android Wear. This means a) you get access to the rich pool of Android apps, and also Google Now. Google Now service provides real-time information (which is where the inspiration for the name “Live” comes from) with unique cards containing personalized notifications based on users’ preferences and behavior. Therefore, Gear Live is specifically optimized for Google Mobile Services, such as Google Now, Google Voice, Google Maps & Navigation, Gmail, and Hangout.

Consequently, Gear Live has great mobile device compatibility. Gear Live can be paired with any Android device running Android 4.3 or higher, including 23 Galaxy devices such as Galaxy Tab S, and of course, we expect this number to keep growing. Gear Live works in nine languages, which are currently fully supported by Google Services: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean. Ultimately, if you are a frequent Google mobile service user and looking for a wearable, Gear Live is the way to go.

What’s Samsung doing here?

Another way that Gear Live differentiates itself is figuratively, because Gear Live is a result of collaboration between two tech giants: Samsung and Google. In such a competitive industry, Gear Live serves as a great example of the possibility and the benefit of collaborations. Most importantly, as Samsung mentioned at the Google I/O, the reason Samsung and Google have maintained a long-term close relationship is to provide better products for consumers.

We at Samsung believe that the most important thing is to provide consumers with a great experience, and in an industry so diverse and fast changing, it’s key to make sure consumers have the liberty and luxury of ‘choice’. So like the broad portfolios of Galaxy smartphones, Notes and Tabs, Samsung aimed to provide great, integrated user experience in a familiar matter across platforms.

Gear Live is another great example how Samsung is working hard with others to create more value for consumers. Hit the comment box below and tell us what you liked best or what you’d like to see more of.

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