German Chancellor and Brazilian President Visit Samsung Booth at CeBIT to Experience SUR40

on March 14, 2012
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On Tuesday, March 6th, at CeBIT, one of the digital industry’s biggest, most international events, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff visited the Samsung booth to experience the next-generation SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, a multi-touch table display that recognizes fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen.



Sunny Lee, president of Samsung Electronics Germany, presented the SUR40 to the two government officials and demonstrated the display’s 52 touch-point recognition and object scanning technology. Chancellor Merkel and President Rousseff both tested the product by signing their names on the 40-inch LCD screen.


The thin LFD is expected to be adopted by a variety of businesses, such as shops, banks and health clubs, and has been highly praised by the world’s renowned publications and conferences. It was honored by Popular Science magazine’s “Best of What’s New” in November 2011 and won the “Best of Innovations” at CES 2012.  Featuring PixelSense technology, which gives LCD panels the power to see without the use of cameras, users can share, collaborate and explore together using a large display.


Chancellor Merkel and President Rousseff were among hundreds of thousands of CeBIT visitors who experienced the latest digital trends, news and innovations at the tradeshow in Hannover, Germany.


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