Get Geared Up for the Slopes with the Gear S2

on December 13, 2015
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Gear S2


In the past, developments in skiing and snowboarding technology have often been centered on new forms of clothing, such as lightweight, breathable material, or new shells that make taking one’s boots on and off effortless. Now, however, wearables are making their mark on winter sports around the globe—a revolution catalyzed by products such as Bluetooth controlled gloves, battery-powered foot warmers and ski goggles outfitted with cameras and head-up displays (HUD).


Yet, among the devices infiltrating ski resorts and backcountry treks, the Samsung Gear S2 is perhaps the Swiss Army knife of the group, boasting a number of versatile features and tools that add convenience, safety and fun to users’ outdoor experiences.


Sleek and Sporty for Active Lifestyles


At first glance, it becomes obvious that the Gear S2’s cutting edge circular face, comfortable stainless steel body and premium finishes epitomize elegance. But don’t let its sophisticated looks fool you. This device was designed for active lifestyles, featuring an IP68 water- and dust-resistance rating, which means it stays protected even if you take a fall. And with interchangeable bands and customizable watch faces, it can be personalized to match just about anyone’s style.


Furthermore, the intuitive bezel lets you navigate with ease to get to what you need without having to take off your gloves. Access important notifications at a glance, make phone calls (3G version only) and get directions, even when you leave your phone back at the ski lodge. After all, you’ve got enough equipment to keep your hands full.

Gear S2


Speaking of hands, the Gear S2 lets you keep them where they should be—on your ski poles. Simply activate S Voice to get the latest weather updates or manage your hydration status via S Health. You can also pair the wearable with a Bluetooth-enabled headset like the ultra-sporty Level U headphones and use voice commands to control your playlist for an even bigger adrenaline rush.
Adding to these features is the device’s superior battery capacity. Lasting about three days, the wearable keeps up with you, regardless of your downhill speeds. Even if you forget to charge the Gear S2, you can switch on its Power Saving mode to extend its battery life.


Perfect Partners


In addition to the preloaded apps, the Gear S2 is also compatible with a number of other apps developed by Samsung’s partners to maximize the usability and functionality of the device. A few of them are particularly useful for outdoor winter activities.


From the moment you start your weekend winter getaway, Here for Gear (Navigator), a companion of the preloaded Here Maps app, makes it easy to find your way to your destination. Get maps and turn-by-turn directions and view each step on the screen so you can get to where you need to be quickly and effortlessly to enjoy more time in the snow.


Once you do hit the slopes, keep up with your ski buddies with Voxer. This convenient service lets you send live or recorded voice messages instantly to one person or an entire group in walkie-talkie style. Received messages can be heard directly from the Gear S2, via a paired Bluetooth device or a smartphone equipped with the app. Voxer works on any cellular or Wi-Fi network around the world.



Finally, after a long day of slope-side activities, indulge in a bit of aprés-ski with the help of Yelp. This useful app transforms the Gear S2 watch face into a spinning wheel of attractions, which makes good use of the wearable’s round screen and rotating bezel. Search for the perfect restaurant or watering hole based on your location as well as consumer-submitted reviews to complete your winter weekend getaway.


With multiple features, hands-free functions and a suite of apps perfect for winter sports enthusiasts, this sleek yet sporty device is sure to make a statement on the slopes.

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