Get Rid of Your Old Mobile Phones…for “Good”

on November 10, 2011
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Nowadays it’s easy to see electronic appliances being thrown out, with no thought given to the consequences or potential.  Mobile phones are no exception.


Take a look at this trash!



Well, actually, when these old mobile phones are recycled, it is the equivalent of mining a few billion dollars’ worth of resources! For instance, with 1 ton of gold ore, 5 grams of gold can be produced. However, processing the same amount of mobile phones can produce 150 grams of gold. The old mobile phones that you’ve ignored and forgotten are worth more than you could ever imagine!



If you took one ton of average-sized mobile phones (100 grams), you could produce about 300 grams of gold and 2 kilograms of silver. In addition, various rare metals collected from a used mobile phone could be worth up to 3 dollars.  Literally, we have gold hiding everywhere around us. It’s an urban mine indeed! Let’s have a look at the EPR system, Resource recycling system and other systems before going through the details on recycling.



EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility is a strategy designed to promote the integration of environmental costs associated with goods throughout their life cycles into the market price of the products.
In the past, companies produced the products that were easy to recycle and only took charge of selling them. However, by introducing an EPR system the producer’s responsibility has expanded, from producing and selling to recycling the wastes associated with consumption.




However, this doesn’t mean that the producers are obligated to collect and recycle everything they produce.  Since the producers’ choices have the biggest impact on the whole process, from designing the product to choosing packing materials, the producers ought to perform the central role, but cooperation and diligence from the government, consumers, and the local community are also needed.





Resource Circulatory System
Resource Circulatory System is basically the designing and planning procedure that considers recycling. In other words, it’s a proactive policy based on production that will increase the possibility of recycling, especially with the restriction of harmful materials andthe improvement of structure and material.


By establishing the methods and the standards of recycling policy, it enables the achievement of recycling in an eco-friendly way.


Introducing Samsung Electronics’ Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones



Consider not only the contamination caused by product waste, but also the hidden resources that could be available! Don’t you want to give them a second chance to be useful?  If you have an old phone still hiding in your house, think of the benefits of properly recycling it.

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