[Hands-On] See How Star Wars POWERbot™ Vacuums Strike Back on Dirt

on October 30, 2017
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The force is strong with this one.


Samsung Electronics released the Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot™  robot vacuum cleaner earlier this month to the US market. To create this sci-fi cleaning appliance, Samsung worked closely with Star Wars enthusiasts during the product planning, design and production stages to ensure authenticity.


The new Star Wars Limited Edition shares the same innovative technology as Samsung’s original robot vacuum POWERbotTM VR7000, but it also packs a host of special features and unique designs that cater to diehard Star Wars fans worldwide. Learn more about the features native to the Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbotTM, as well as its exceptional smart cleaning technologies, to understand the power of the dark side.


Meticulously Realistic Design


What sets the Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbotTM apart from the original VR7000 is the unforgettable design of the two available models. The Darth Vader edition was crafted from premium materials to closely resemble Sith Lord Darth Vader’s all-black mask, while the Stormtrooper version is a near-perfect replica of the white helmets worn by the ground force of the Galactic Empire. Both models stand ready to rid the galaxy of dirt, and hard to reach spaces under sofas and chairs thanks to its slim 97mm height.


In an effort to produce an authentic product that would be accepted as true in the eyes of Star Wars fans worldwide, Samsung collaborated closely with super fans at every step of development, from product planning, design and production, to marketing, and distribution – a first-of-its-kind approach to building and launching a product designed by the fans, for the fans.


May the Voice be with You


Both models not only meticulously resemble their respective imperial characters, they also sound like them too, thanks to voice feedback with real dialogue and sound effects from Star Wars movies.


The Darth Vader model features a myriad of realistic sound bites and effects, including Vader’s infamous breathing sound, a light saber sound effect, and quotes like “You are powerful”. The Stormtrooper is not to be outdone and also features many authentic sounds, including commands such as “Let’s go!” and “Stop that!” And for those who need a little extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning, you can set your robot vacuum cleaner to wake you up to the soothing beats of the Imperial March!


The Automatic Charge function automatically moves a unit that’s low on power back to its docking station and while returning to base to charge battle-weary batteries, the Darth Vader model triumphantly plays the powerful Imperial March, while the Stormtrooper model plays the Star Wars main theme.


Smart and Powerful Cleaning with Darth Vader


Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbotTM features strong functionality from the original version of the VR7000, including its innovative smart cleaning features.


But thanks to its mastery of the dark side, it’s now more powerful with up to 20 times the suction power of the original, which beats most other conventional cleaning units. Controlling the devices is easier than ever too, with intuitively designed operation buttons and a handy remote controller for the Darth Vader edition only.


With the FullView Sensor™ 2.0, your POWERbotTM VR7000 can accurately scan and avoid the smallest of obstacles so corners are no longer an issue. Also built into the clever robot vacuum is the Edge Clean Master, which provides a more efficient way to clean along walls meaning you won’t have to. Additionally, an Auto Shutter automatically activates and drops down to create a barrier that allows for greater dust suction near edges. When the POWERbotTM transitions from hard floors onto carpets or rugs, the unit’s Intelligent Power Control automatically increases its suction power to suck up unwanted dust deeply embedded into your carpet.



Unique to the Darth Vader model only is its Wi-Fi connectivity and accompanying Samsung Connect App that allows you to control your robot vacuum cleaner from a mobile device anywhere with connectivity. With just a touch, you can start or stop your device, check the cleaning history or schedule cleaning times to ensure that your house is clean. Even while you’re away, you remain deeply connected to Darth Vader.


Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbotTM will continue its cleaning invasion on October 30, 2017, when the full suction power of the dark side is released upon Korean homes*. Sales of the unique robot vacuums are set to hit intergalactic homes soon after the initial invasion begins.



* Availability dates may vary by retailer and market.

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