[Hands-on] The Perfect Companion for Active Life, 24 Hours with the Galaxy Watch Active

on August 2, 2019
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Summertime has come. A lot of people are interested in exercise, fitness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this time of the season. Samsung Newsroom has decided to spend 24 hours with the Galaxy Watch Active to see if it is the perfect companion that will help me get the summer body.



Once I wore the watch, I immediately noticed the look and feel of the slim fit. Given its various activity-tracking features that include sleep tracking and stress detection, consumers could easily assume that the watch would appear to be bulkier in person. But the small and light 28mm display weighs only 25g that consumers with thin wrists and women can wear it with ease. Also, the watch straps are sturdy and smooth that does not collect dust. The Galaxy Watch Active is designed to keep the remaining strap tucked against your wrist, making it extremely convenient to use.



7:30 AM – Starting the Day with Sleep Tracking Data


The first thing I did when I woke up was to check the sleep tracking data. Using the Samsung Health app, the Galaxy Watch Active provides a rundown of the stages of sleep1 through the night and sends personalized analysis related to my sleeping habits. Thanks to the sleep data, I realized that my sleeping habits were irregular. To build a healthier habit, I decided that I should try to go to bed at a certain time regularly to enhance my quality of sleep. And with the recent Software Update, it was easier for me to switch to ‘Goodnight Mode’ before I went to sleep. When it is time for me to go to bed based on my sleeping pattern, the device lets me know if I want to set the mode on. Once it is activated, it turns the sound and screen off so that I will not get distracted while I am asleep.



8:30 AM – Checking my Schedule Without Turning on the Phone

“Hi Bixby, show me today’s schedule.” When I was on my way to work, I asked Bixby to check my schedule for the day and the weather without taking the phone out of my bag. All of this is possible since my phone is synced with the Galaxy Watch Active. This was the most useful function especially when I was holding my bag or other larger personal belongings. Just by using the voice command, I was able to check my schedule, the weather, start recording my workout when I am exercising, and even control my home devices through SmartThings (an IoT app).



2:30 PM – How I can Charge My Watch Without a Battery Charger


During the afternoon, the Galaxy Active Watch sent a notification that the battery was running low. Though I can charge the watch with a battery charger, I don’t have to carry it with me all the time since I can simply use Wireless PowerShare on the Galaxy S10 to recharge. With Samsung’s device ecosystem that is seamlessly connected, it is very helpful.



4:00 PM – The Watch Vibrates When a Message Arrives


While I was concentrating on my work at the office, I felt a weak vibration on my wrist. I checked the watch and saw a text message from my friend asking me if I wanted to get some pizza this weekend. The great thing about the Galaxy Watch Active is that I don’t have to use my phone and unlock it to reply to a text since I can simply respond back using the watch. I can use my finger to draw an emoticon or use the keyboard and voice input to respond to long messages. Using these features, I texted back, “Love to ♥.”



6:10 PM – Heading Home from Work, Taking the Stairs and Achieving my Workout Goals


A healthy habit starts with a single step. “Daily Activity” feature reminds me to move hourly, burn more calories and workout every day. When I am concentrating on my work at the office, I would not leave the desk for hours. However, when I receive notifications from the Galaxy Watch Active, I never forget to do some stretches every hour since the device detects my movement patterns. And though I usually tend to use the escalators when I am using the subway, I chose to take the stairs instead to reach my daily goals. The best feeling is when I get a notification telling me that I reached my daily goal.



8:00 PM – Exercising at Home Without the Help of a Personal Trainer


After a hard day at work, I still managed some time to exercise at home so that I can get that summer body. With the Galaxy Watch Active, the device can automatically detect and track seven types of exercise such as walking, running, riding a bike and swimming when I am working out for a certain amount of time. Not only that, I can check how much time I spent and how many calories I have burned by selecting an exercise routine from thirty-nine types of exercise from lunges to squats, yoga, etc. When I wanted to give up because it was getting too hard to exercise, I kept on going when I saw how close I was to meeting my goals from the watch. I was motivated to reach the targets and finished my daily workout. I have never felt so much accomplishment.


My 24 hours with the Galaxy Watch Active helped me to maintain healthier habits and increase activities. I could have easily given up if I were to go through the process all by myself. They say that pros do not make excuses on tools/devices, but it is also true that we rely on good tools to enhance our efficiency, including for workouts. The Galaxy Watch Active is the perfect partner for people who seek to live healthier lifestyles. Comfortable and easy-to-wear designs with useful apps, features like alarm services, and the newly launched straps are added bonuses.


1 Four stages including △Awake (including the moments when the user is awake or toss and turn) △REM △Light △Deep

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