Heartwarming Story from Vietnam: Painting the Wall of Love

on September 27, 2014
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Samsung is a global company, which means there are tons of insightful and meaningful Samsung-related events happening all around the world. Although the best way to experience all these events is to physically be there, unfortunately, it is realistically impossible. However, we have the next best thing! Samsung has been working with a number of eager and interested college reporters all around the world, called “Global Samsung Storytellers.” Their role is to bring you Samsung news from around the world that you may have missed. Today, we have a story from Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV). Hope you enjoy the delightful story.


Last year, Samsung decided to build the “Nanum Village” in Vietnam, and Thuy Hoa had been selected. Thuy Hoa is a commune of the Yen Phong District and it takes 20 minutes from Samsung Eelectronics Vietname (SEV) Factory to get there.


This August, 34 Volunteers from SEV and 41 Volunteers from HQ came to Thuy Hoa to volunteer.

They were divided into four groups to work at four different places in Thuy Hoa: Dong Tao Hamlet Kindergarten, Bang Luc Hamlet Kindergarten, Lac Nhue Kindergarten and Thuy Hoa Primary school. Their mission was to draw murals for the walls and to paint some doors and windows for the kindergartens. It was not their first time volunteering for SEV’s employees, but painting was an unfamiliar task for most of them. On top of that, they only had two days to complete their tasks.


Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer

▲Volunteers from Samsung Electronics Vietnam and HQ in Thuy Hoa


On the first day, it took time to get used to drawing on the walls as everyone tried very hard to draw the first lines. And after a few hours, the drafts of some pictures were completed, but the most difficult job followed, to color the pictures in.


Although it was very hot and sunny – and it even rained at some point as it is currently a rainy season in Vietnam – all volunteers worked through the difficulties to finish their work.  



Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer (2)


After the hard work, SEV Volunteers and HQ Volunteers were able to enjoy playing with the children and engage in cultural exchanges. It was a really fun time for all of us. But most importantly, many children at Thuy Hoa primary school seemed excited when the volunteers came; some seemed more curious than excited as well.



Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer (3)


Naturally, all the volunteers were excited and worked hard even more. 34 members from different departments worked as one and united all their efforts. After just 2 days, under everyone’s  efforts, all the rough walls had become more colorful and alive than ever before. Surprisingly and fortunately, many volunteers at SEV were really talented artists.


Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer (4)


“We put in our best efforts to renew/decorate the kindergartens and schools, to help children to create their own dreams every day”, one volunteer said.


Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer at Thuy Hoa Primary School

▲Thuy Hoa Primary School

“Before coming to Thuy Hoa, I was really worried because I didn’t know how I could draw the mural paintings and complete the task in just 2 days. But thanks to the efforts from my teammates, along with the encouragement of the teachers and children at the kindergartens, my friends and I were given the motivation to finish the job, and the result was beyond our imagination. We really had a fun together. I hope that our company will regularly organize volunteer activities like this. Through these activities they will have more opportunities to dedicate and contribute to the community and society, and also help us to develop our own skills so that we can work better and love each other’s company more.”, Ho Huu Trung – LCD Management P said.


Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer (Ho Huu Trung)

▲Ho Huu Trung (LCD Management Department, SEV)

In the afternoon of the second day, all volunteers tried to finish their work before 2:00 pm, because they wanted to hold an early Mid–Autumn Festival party for the children at Lac Nhue Kindergarten. We blew some balloons, arranged the party and held games for the children. Two funny MCs led the children from one game to another, and all children ushered into the school grounds to participate in a game called “the battle of the dragons”. Awards were given to all children by the volunteers. Within 90 minutes, the playground was bustling with the laughter of children and the volunteers.


Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer at Lac Nhue Kindergarten

▲Lac Nhue Kindergarten

These two days in Thuy Hoa were an unforgettable time for each of the SEV volunteers. It was a real opportunity to contribute and devote their energy and talents to the community, as well as sharing their dreams with children. This is also one of the values that Samsung always strives for in the mission to become a global citizen and a beloved Vietnam citizen. We are so proud of all of you, thank you to all the volunteers from SEV.


Samsung Electronics Vietnam - Painting Volunteer (5)

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