Highlights: CES 2015 Keynote Address by BK Yoon

on January 6, 2015
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Did you just miss the keynote address by the CEO and president of Samsung Electronics BK Yoon? Do not worry; we took some notes (and also live tweeted) during the event. Here are the highlights.


Phrase of the day:


Unlock the infinite possibilities of the Internet of Things


The era of Internet of Things isn’t a distant idea of the future. It has already begun. However, it is important that it evolves around our lifestyles and this can only be done by working closely with industry peers and partners, and openness among devices. Samsung believes together, we can unlock the infinite possibilities of IoT.


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Key Messages:



#1 IoT ready Hardware


– By 2017, all Samsung televisions will be IoT devices, and in five years, all Samsung hardware will be IoT devices.


– Samsung is developing advanced sensors that are precise enough to understand someone’s surrounding environment and offer the right solution or service.


– Samsung is also planning to bring more energy-efficient and compact chips so that it can be implemented into a wide range of devices, especially wearables.



#2 Open ecosystem


– Samsung sees openness as a key to IoT.


– The SmartThings ecosystem is compatible with more devices than any other platform and has remained an open platform ever since it joined Samsung last August.


– SmartThings announced the next generation of its platform, including a new Hub and sensors, further integrations with third party devices and a new subscription service called SmartThings Premium.


– Samsung will invest more than USD100 million in its developer community in 2015.



#3 Collaboration


– Samsung believes that IoT will revolutionize every industry and the potential impact of it must be seen across all kinds of industries


– To realize lifestyle oriented IoT, we will need infrastructures and services, which is only possible if every player in every industry work together.




Quotes of the events:

Here are the key quotes from BK Yoon during the event that we tweeted.









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