History of Samsung (22): Further Establishment of Identity (2007)

on September 19, 2012
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Samsung announces official sponsorship of the NFL



Samsung became the official HDTV sponsor of the NFL (National Football League) by signing a 3-year contract in August 2007. The deal included the installation of Samsung HDTVs in select areas of football stadiums. Players and coaches were able to view critical footage in high definition provided by Samsung. The agreement allowed Samsung to use the NFL logo and Super Bowl logo. This sponsorship reaffirmed Samsung’s commitment to bring innovative HDTV technologies that enhance the HD viewing experience for sports fans.



Established the 2nd Design Identity strategy



Samsung Electronics launched a new brand campaign entitled “Imagine” in 2005. This campaign was part of Samsung’s effort to become the No. 1 brand around the world in 5 years. Samsung established a long-term goal to rise to a global level and this was one of the endeavors that helped it shoot itself up the ladders in brand value.

Developed 30nm-class 64Gb NAND flash memory



Samsung introduced 30nm-class 64Gb NAND flash memory in October 2007, breaking what was considered a limit in production processes. Samsung planned to start manufacturing 30-nanometre 64GB NAND flash devices during 2009. Samsung had already applied for as many as 30 patents for the new flash memory chip. The new flash storage device utilizes 30-nanometre processing technology and was developed using Samsung’s self-aligned double patterning technology (DPT) and Charge Trap Flash (CTF).

Mobile Phone Milestones

Samsung unveiled the world’s thinnest phone, Ultra Edition 5.9 in 2007. The Samsung Ultra Edition II line completely embodied everything that consumers were seeking in a mobile phone in terms of unique design and flawless performance.

It listed as the world’s thinnest mobile phone in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Introducing innovations as these, Samsung’s Telecommunication Business reported a growth of over 40% in 2007 and became the second largest mobile device manufacturer in the world. Its market share was 14% in Q4 2007, growing up from 11.3% in Q4 2006.

*The History of Samsung Electronics

(1)Paving a New Path 1968~1970

(2)Diversification and Expansion 1971~1974

(3)Meeting Demands for Energy Efficiency 1975~1976

(4)Innovation and efficiency combine for record-beating production and export boom! (1977~1978)

(5)Suwon R&D Center Expands Knowledge Base: Samsung Semiconductor Expands Production Base 1979~1980

(6)History of Samsung (6): Entering the Global marketplace 1981~1983

(7)Semiconductor Breakthroughs and High-Profile Sponsoring 1984-1985

(8)RAM Grows as Tape Recorders Shrink, Awards Pile Up: 1986-87

(9)Restructuring the Company to Clarify Its Purpose: 1988-1989

(10)The world’s first dual deck VCR completed and massive Chinese production begins: 1988-1992

(11)Adoption of new Corporate Identity and development of world’s first 256-mega DRAM semiconductor: 1993-1997

(12)Declaration of the Customer Rights & development of new refrigerator and Agipul type washing machine

(13)Development of flat screen TV and cellular flip phone: 1998

(14)Partnerships Form as Mobile Phone and LCD Markets Expand: 1999

(15)Samsung Leads CDMA Mobile Phone Market, Sells 100 Millionth Color TV: 2000

(16)Establishment of design centers and R&D Center: 2001

(17)Samsung Electronics ranked No. 1 in NAND Flash: 2002

(18)The world’s biggest LCD TV:2003 

(19)Introduction of world phone: 2004 

(20)Samsung reached 100 million mobile phones shipments: 2005 

(21)Racing to the top of TV sales, developing the impossible: 2006 

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