History of Samsung (23): Samsung Electronics starts a new chapter (2008)

on September 26, 2012
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Established TV manufacturing plant in Kaluga, Russia

In 2008, Samsung was Russia’s number one TV brand. To meet the rising needs of the Russian market, Samsung opened an LCD and plasma-panel television plant in the Russian city of Kaluga in September, 2008.

Samsung announced new NC10 netbook computer


Samsung released the NC10 netbook back in October of 2008. Samsung’s netbook NC 10 got a lot of positive feedback from experts and users on quality, usability, battery life and more. By 2009, Samsung announced that it had officially sold over a million NC10’s.

Samsung opens Samsung d’light at the heart of Gangnam 

Samsung Electronics’ headquarters moved from Taepyeong-ro in downtown Seoul to the Seocho district (Gangnam) and opened its global brand PR Center ‘Samsung d’light’. Samsung d’light Shop is a hub of IT interaction; a place to promote the synergy of technology and society, as well as its effect on today’s culture.

Samsung Electronics’ total sales reaches 10 trillion Won

Samsung Electronics’ sales increased 6 fold between 1998 and 2008. Samsung’s aggressive strategy and hardworking employees made this possible.

*The History of Samsung Electronics

(1)Paving a New Path 1968~1970

(2)Diversification and Expansion 1971~1974

(3)Meeting Demands for Energy Efficiency 1975~1976

(4)Innovation and efficiency combine for record-beating production and export boom! (1977~1978)

(5)Suwon R&D Center Expands Knowledge Base: Samsung Semiconductor Expands Production Base 1979~1980

(6)History of Samsung (6): Entering the Global marketplace 1981~1983

(7)Semiconductor Breakthroughs and High-Profile Sponsoring 1984-1985

(8)RAM Grows as Tape Recorders Shrink, Awards Pile Up: 1986-87

(9)Restructuring the Company to Clarify Its Purpose: 1988-1989

(10)The world’s first dual deck VCR completed and massive Chinese production begins: 1988-1992

(11)Adoption of new Corporate Identity and development of world’s first 256-mega DRAM semiconductor: 1993-1997

(12)Declaration of the Customer Rights & development of new refrigerator and Agipul type washing machine

(13)Development of flat screen TV and cellular flip phone: 1998

(14)Partnerships Form as Mobile Phone and LCD Markets Expand: 1999

(15)Samsung Leads CDMA Mobile Phone Market, Sells 100 Millionth Color TV: 2000

(16)Establishment of design centers and R&D Center: 2001

(17)Samsung Electronics ranked No. 1 in NAND Flash: 2002

(18)The world’s biggest LCD TV:2003 

(19)Introduction of world phone: 2004 

(20)Samsung reached 100 million mobile phones shipments: 2005 

(21)Racing to the top of TV sales, developing the impossible: 2006 

(22)Further establishment of identity: 2007

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