History of Samsung (7): Semiconductor Breakthroughs and High-Profile Sponsoring 1984-1985

on May 30, 2012
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Successful development of 256K DRAM



Only 3 months after successfully developing 64K DRAM, Samsung introduced the industry’s first 256K DRAM, well ahead of the competition. 256K DRAM was produced by only a few companies such as Intel, Fujitsu, and NEC.

Developing 256K DRAM required more effort than anyone expected. However, about 7 months after Samsung initially developed 64K DRAM, mass production of 256K DRAM began. Along with the facility opening, production of 256K DRAM was a defining moment for Samsung in its growth as a major semiconductor manufacturer. SSI, a Samsung subsidiary based in the U.S., also succeeded in developing 256K DRAM on their own, and began mass production of 256K DRAM in July, 1985. It solidified Samsung Electronics’ position as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing



Official sponsor of the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games



Samsung Semiconductor was chosen as the official sponsor for 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. To ensure that both events would be successful, Samsung devoted an astonishing amount of time, energy, and resources. Installing communications equipment to connect 22 different stadiums would cost over 3 million Won. While Samsung provided the technology and equipment, they were also able to advertise the brand on the world stage. This promotion opportunity was maximized, and sales made noticeable gains. The greatest benefit was the fact that Samsung’s communications network was used in the world’s biggest sporting events, showcasing Samsung’s advanced technology to the world.


The next story will be Samsung Electronics’ Development of 1mega DRAM and the world’s smallest, lightest 4mm video tape recorder.


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