History of Samsung Electronics (5): Suwon R&D Center Expands Knowledge Base: Samsung Semiconductor Expands Production Base 1979~1980

on May 16, 2012
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Establishment of Suwon R&D Center 



Further solidifying Samsung Electronics’ position as a leader in the electronics market, Samsung expanded its investment to research and development. First of all, in December 1979, Samsung established Suwon R&D Center, which was opened in April 1980. After the development of Suwon R&D Center, it helped Samsung to reach even further into electronics, semiconductors, high polymer chemicals, genetic engineering, optical telecommunications, and aerospace, as well as varied new fields of technology innovation from nanotechnology to advanced network architectures.



Samsung Semiconductor merged into Samsung Electronics



Samsung Electronics was only able to procure a limited quantity of semiconductors from Samsung Semiconductors. Samsung Semiconductors didn’t have the technology to provide high quality semiconductors to Samsung Electronics at that time. As a result, Samsung Electronics had to import semiconductors from the other companies. Moreover, other semiconductor companies began halting the supply of semiconductors. As a result of these various challenges, Samsung Electronics decided to acquire Samsung Semiconductors. This process of M&A have created a synergy of production on both electronics and semiconductor parts.



The History of Samsung Electronics

(1) Paving a New Path 1968~1970

(2) Diversification and Expansion 1971~1974

(3) Meeting Demands for Energy Efficiency 1975~1976

(4) Innovation and efficiency combine for record-beating production and export boom 1977~1978

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