How Samsung Is Replacing Your ID Documents With the Galaxy S20

on July 23, 2020
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We’ve all been there, spending precious time filling out different forms and going through complicated procedures just to verify our identity to open a bank account. Imagine if there was a way we could securely store all our identity documents on the smartphone and access services that require ID authentication with just a few taps. We wouldn’t need to carry physical ID documents with us all the time.


Building on Galaxy’s heritage of mobile security leadership, the Galaxy S20 offers an innovative electronic ID (eID) solution to help users easily manage their personal documents and enable seamless identification and authentication. As the first device to meet the German government and the European Union’s strict security requirements, it combines cutting-edge software with world-class security hardware to deliver a new mobile ID solution.



Digital IDs Made Simple

Later this year, with the Galaxy S20, users will be able to safely store their most important ID documents directly on their mobile device.1 The solution will also give authorities a streamlined process to issue digital IDs.


Users can request to create an eID using just their smartphone. Once relevant authorities verify the request, the eID will be automatically stored and isolated in a secure location on the device.


Thanks to its end-to-end encryption system, the registration process is not just simple but secure. Only the ID issuing organization and authorized device can access a user’s personal data.




The Ultimate Digital Safe

To give users peace of mind when creating and using eIDs, Samsung built a storage component that meets strict, internationally-recognized security standards – the embedded Secure Element (eSE).


As the security hardware behind eID, the eSE acts as a digital safe to vault confidential data on the Galaxy S20. The chip is carefully designed to prevent malicious actors from stealing eID information even if they have physical access to the smartphone.



The Galaxy S20 has achieved CC EAL 6+ certification2, one of the highest standards for hardware security. As the eSE meets the demands of the eIDAS, the EU regulation on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions, it allows other EU member states to adopt secure and eIDAS compliant eID solutions in the future.


Convenient yet safe, the eID solution is a smart way to make wallets thinner and ID cards more secure. With the development of eID and eSE, Samsung has set a new standard for ID management in the digital age, marking the beginning of a new era of digital identification.



1 Subject to service availability

2 Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 6+

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