How to Capture Incredible Pet Photos and Videos With the Galaxy Note20

on November 18, 2020
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Nobody wants to miss out on capturing a precious moment, especially when it comes to some of our favorite photographic subjects – our pets. Fortunately, now, with your smartphone at hand, you can ensure that you’re ready to record both your own daily life and your pet’s cutest and most memorable moments.


Packed with Samsung’s best photography and video features, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s pro-grade camera is perfect for capturing stunning shots of your furry friends. Galaxy user Jiyoon Kim has been using the device to record life with her two dogs, Miso and Ara, and sharing tips and memorable moments with viewers on social media. Let’s take a look at how the varied features offered by the Galaxy Note20 Ultra have helped Kim capture Miso and Ara’s most adorable sides.



① Professional-Grade Pet Portraits

Many pet owners like to visit specialty studios to have high-quality photos taken of their four-legged companions. However, it can prove challenging to make your pet look natural and comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, you can now take high-quality pet portraits and create amazing video recordings of your furry friend from the comfort of your home.



You only need three items to create incredible pet photos – a suitable backdrop, a tripod, and your Galaxy Note20 Ultra. A conveniently placed patch of colored wallpaper at home works great as a backdrop. Alternatively, you can purchase some colored paper in your preferred tone and carefully fasten it to your wall to establish your backdrop. Another trick is to add cute costumes and props and shoot from a range of angles to give variety and character to your pet portraits.


Miso’s ears perk up when he’s happy. He loves photo time.


Ara makes people smile – an authentic, happy aura is captured when shooting in a familiar space


The Galaxy Note20 Ultra comes with a 108-million-pixel, ultra-high-resolution camera. It can capture amazing details and textures, such as patterns in the fur or the color of the eyes.


“You can take great pet portrait photos with your dog looking towards the camera,” says Kim. “An important tip for taking this kind of picture is to grab your pet’s attention with fun toys while using your S Pen as a remote controller to take the photo. These kinds of tricks can help you take professional-quality pictures and really have a lot of fun with your shoot. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra can take pictures with very high resolution, which means you can get them developed and hang them up at home.”


The perfect puppy portrait!


Take pet portraits with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and hang them up at home.



② Record Special Moments in 8K

Filming a video is the best way to record your pets’ unique characteristics. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra enables you to capture memorable moments with your pets in 8K UHD video. Just take a look at this adorable video of Miso and Ara jumping over rows of toilet paper and weaving between paper cups.



It’s easy to miss photo opportunities when you’re busy having fun with your pets. With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, you can easily turn your favorite scenes from a video clip into high-resolution photos. Screenshots captured with the device’s 8K video function are vivid and extremely detailed, which means you can isolate memorable images from longer videos.


Ara pokes her face through a hole in the tower of toilet paper. Cropping screenshots brings vivid image quality to life.


Getting the timing just right can be challenging. With high-resolution screenshots, you can easily isolate your favorite images from longer videos.


“I used to film memorable moments when I was too busy to take individual photos. But it was hard getting high-resolution screenshots from these videos,” says Kim. “With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, I can create high-resolution screenshots from the 8K videos. The picture quality of these shots is comparable to still photos. This feature lets me have fun with my dogs while capturing everything on camera.”



③ Transform Ordinary Scenes Into Epic Moments

Some moments with your pets can only be captured properly when they are slowed down. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s Super Slow-mo feature makes it possible for you to transform fleeting scenes into epic videos. With this feature, you can catch every detail of your pets splashing around in water or can even turn ordinary scenes, like taking a bath or blow drying hair, into fun and memorable experiences.



You can also try inserting a Super Slow-mo clip into one of your 8K videos to make your pet videos stand out even more.


“I love this clip of Miso’s hair blowing in the wind. I just want to watch it over and over again,” says Kim. “The quality of the video is amazing and I can just post it on my pet’s social media account without much editing.”




④ Capture Everything All at Once  

For those who love recording their pets but find themselves missing the mark when capturing just the right moments, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a solution in the form of the AI-powered Single Take feature. Single Take provides you with a wide range of photo, video, and even ‘meme’able mode results based on just one shot. Once you have selected the mode and captured a short clip, Single Take harnesses AI to analyze the background and subject in order to recommend the best cuts of your picture or video, removing the need for manual scrolling of the different results.


Single Take captures Ara’s various sides, providing a range of picture options. The ‘best cut’ is enlarged at the top of the screen or highlighted with a crown


Features like Single Take are particularly useful for those who are video production beginners. Single Take also provides results that apply background music and immersive video effects for a professional feel. In a video of Ara running and striking a pose, for instance, the application of a lively melody in addition to a time-lapse effect changes the feel of the clip completely. The combination of all these effects can enhance the experience of revisiting some of your favorite moments.



Whats more, users of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra can also harness various features and lenses including ultra-wide, Live Focus, and time lapse while filming. From there, they can pick and choose their preferred outcomes from among a broad range of results. Those who prefer still cuts can choose individual images, while those who like watching short clips of cute-looking dogs can apply other, more meme-worthy effects. As a person who enjoys filming, I was fascinated by the AI-powered Single Take feature, said Kim. I find myself using the feature regularly as it enables me to capture my dogs from a range of different perspectives.


An image captured through Single Take, which delivers steady, well-structured images


Single Take delivers a meme, which highlights a moment and presents it in an eye-catching way


Pets bring a lot of joy to our lives and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the perfect companion for recording all the amazing moments you spend with them.


“I have had my dogs since they were puppies. I often think it’s a shame that I wasn’t able to take more photos and videos of them growing up,” says Kim. “With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, I can now capture every moment I spend with Miso and Ara.”


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