How to Make Your Gear 2 Different to the Guy Next to You

on July 2, 2014
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Fashion-savvy people, we understand that you must stand out among the peers with the style of your own. If you have Galaxy S5, the crystal-encrusted Swarovski Galaxy S5 cover definitely helps. If you have the Gear Fit, you can accessorize it with Swarovski Gear Fit Charm. Now, if you have a Gear 2 and really want to stand out, here is a quick way to make your Gear 2 more unique.

Three types of Gear 2

1. Quickly Change the Strap

There are at least 3 things about the strap and this is one of them. You can change the strap of the Gear 2 as long as they are 22mm; leather, platinum, gold, rubber or silk, pretty much whichever that floats your boat.

all you need is a 22mm chanageable strap

It is really easy to change the strap of the Gear 2. In fact, we prepared a brown and white leather straps to demonstrate how easy it is to change the strap of the Gear 2.

Removing the original strap from the main body

Step 1. Pull out the metal lever on the backside of the main body. If you have nimble fingers, you can use your fingernails, or you could also choose to be homo faber and use a toothpick or a pin for this – whatever suits you best.

 Step 1. Pull out the metal lever on the backside of the main body.

Step 2. Separate the strap from the main body. (Obviously)

Step 2. Separate the strap from the main body

Step 3. Put the metal lever through the holes of preferred strap.

easy connection with the metal lever

Step 4. Plug the metal lever into the main body of the Gear 2.

Yeah, that’s all you need to do. We could have told you in the beginning that it is basically the same as replacing a new strap for conventional watches, but we wanted to actually show you how it is done. If this looks like too much of a hassle, you can also visit the nearest watch store, but that might actually be more time consuming.

So when this is finished, your Gear 2 with the new straps will look like the ones below.

Gear 2 with new straps

Same Gear 2 but with different style. A simple change, but a great difference, right?

Don’t go just yet, we are not done. We have another tip for you.

2. Customize the Home Screen with Apps (Watch Styler)

It can get slightly boring looking at the same type of watch face over and over. So why not change that? With the right apps, you can create your own home screen. In this rather simple demonstration to show you how to do it, we used the app called ‘Watch Styler’.

**Downloading Watch Styler (or any apps) on Gear 2**

1. Connect to Samsung Apps or Google Play

(If you want to try Samsung Apps, you connect via ‘Gear Manager.’ Select ‘Watch’ then you will see various apps that will help you customize the watch.

2. If you want to download ‘watch styler’, all you have to do is search for ‘watch styler.’

3. Download and install the app, then you are all done.

Creating your own Home Screen

watch styler settings

Step 1. Select the background and style, and then label the option, so you can save it later.

watch styler options


Step 2. Choose the shape and location of the icons for battery and Bluetooth.

How about that! To celebrate this summer’s biggest soccer (or football) festival, we’ve decided to make the watch look like a soccer field. It actually makes us want to watch more soccer. Fortunately, we have tons of matches left to be played.

set to my own home screen

Well that is it guys! This is how you can customize your Gear 2. Maximum effect with minimal effort. There is no reason not to customize your Gear 2 at this point, right? Moreover, you can customize many more things with the apps available for Gear 2. So go check them out!

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