How to Throw the Ultimate TV Viewing Party

on June 23, 2015
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Watching television has become a more solitary act in recent years than in the past as TV fanatics now have the ability to watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere on the screens of their portable electronic devices. And while binge watching an entire series alone is all fine and dandy, there’s nothing quite like bonding over the shared experience and emotional catharsis brought on by unexpected TV moments with those who share your pop cultural affections. Especially when there’s plenty of food and fun involved.   So this summer, rather than just predicting what will happen to your favorite characters or gushing over scandals and heartbreaks on social media the day after they’re revealed, why not bring together your TV-loving friends and family members for a memorable party to view the summer’s most anticipated programs?   If you already have a Samsung TV, you’re pretty much set to go, so send out some invites, get the remote ready and use these tips to host an event that won’t soon be forgotten.   TV1_Main


Setting the mood is an important first step for having a successful TV viewing party. Start by taking inspiration from the show of your choice to theme your party. Incorporate small props—a chemistry beaker here, a poster of the periodic table there—to create a fun atmosphere and get your guests excited about the show you’re screening.   Up the ante by incorporating the program’s setting into a dress code. For example, if the show you’re screening is all about inmates at a prison, have guests wear orange, or jumpsuits, if they happen to have them lying around the house. Creating a photo booth where guests can snap selfies in front of a themed backdrop, such as a mugshot lineup, will break the ice among attendees, and set the tone for the remainder of the evening.


While a room decked out in show-themed décor will no doubt impress your guests, it’s important to remember that the real focus of your party is in fact your television. It is essential that all guests be able to watch the show comfortably, so be sure to set up the viewing room beforehand, utilizing cushions and pillows if necessary, to create a cozy viewing environment.   TV2_Main   Also, consider the angle of the TV when arranging seating to ensure the screen is visible and the image is clear to all. With curved TVs, like Samsung’s 4K SUHD TV, viewers can get drawn into the action with off-angle viewing, making any seat the best seat in the living room. Do note that image isn’t everything, however, so pair your TV with an omnidirectional speaker, such as the Wireless Audio-360, so your guests don’t miss a word of the dramatic dialogue or stellar soundtrack, regardless of where they are sitting.


When preparing a menu, do your homework and stick to the show’s core characters and central storyline to make the party theme consistent. Is there an episode where a specific type of food is discussed, or an epic medieval feast is served? Take cues and use the internet to find simple recipes to recreate these dishes.   TV3_Main   As is usually the case in party planning, less is more, so don’t feel pressured to overdo it with your spread. Finger foods work best for a viewing party, especially when space is limited to a single room, so sticking to a few simple specialty snacks and a signature cocktail is ideal.   Give your culinary creations catchy names (think “Walkers’ Blood” or “Underhanded Underwood”) and serve them in an accessible area, keeping a few extras on the coffee table so guests can snack throughout the show.


Party attendees will most likely want to gab about all the show’s OMG moments, so while things wrap up, use the AllShare Play app to wirelessly display the photos and videos you took with your Samsung mobile device during the party on your Smart TV.   TV4_Main   You can also use the app to share the photos with your guests effortlessly via a Wi-Fi connection so they, too, can relive the best moments of your viewing party again and again. Or, at least until the season finale viewing party.

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