How to use the Private Mode of the Galaxy S5

on May 16, 2014
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Would you let your friend browse through the gallery of your smartphone? Sure, probably, right? How about your mother or father? Hmm, maybe, maybe not. How many of us can hand over our phones without feeling the paranoia that the other person might eventually find something that we intended to keep to ourselves? Many of the photos and videos are representations of our private thoughts.


However, unlike private thoughts, we tend to share our smartphones, extremely personal devices, quite easily and unknowingly expose our vulnerability. OK, that can be an exaggeration, but you get what we’re saying. Anyway, there is a mode in the Galaxy S5, which relieves you from that paranoia. Here is how to use the ‘Private Mode’ of the Galaxy S5.

Step #1

Go to the ‘Settings’ of the Galaxy S5 and look/search for ‘Private Mode’.

Step #2

Once you click on the icon, you will see a green bar which indicates that the Private Mode is on. Also on the bottom, you will see that the ‘Private Mode’ has been activated.

Pretty simple right? Private Mode is a mode of the Galaxy S5 where you can separately save specific files and data, including music, videos, voice recordings, photos and more. So now, let’s privatize some files. As an example, let’s hide some photos.

Step #1

Select a few photos you would like to make ‘private’.

Step #2

Tap on the ‘Category’ section, and then click the ‘Move to Private’.

Step #3

The files that are moved to private are automatically saved in the ‘My Files’ folder, your private space.

The most important part of this mode is that you need to deactivate the ‘Private Mode’ on the ‘My Files’ folder to completely hide the files!

You have to admit that setting up and using the ‘Private Mode’ of the Galaxy S5 is quite easy and simple. However, don’t let the easy process fool you; the ‘Private Mode’ will save you from some embarrassment and troubles, especially if you are someone who likes keep things private. Use it and get rid of the unnecessary paranoia.  

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