If the Inside of Your Fridge looks like a Warzone, Read this to Seek Peace

on June 12, 2014
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Are you familiar with the word ‘declutterers’? It refers to people who can remove the clutter from a space. It is a widely known profession, especially in the UK. For example, Vicky Silverthorn is a professional organizer and decluttering specialist in the UK, who runs her own company YouNeedAVicky.

Samsung recently collaborated with Vicky in launching Kitchen Concierge, a series of practical tips and advice to help users organize their fridges and their homes, to celebrate the launch of the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator. We are not suggesting that your fridge might need a ‘decluttering.’But, if someone told you that you might need one or you know someone who does, here are some tips from Vicky.

1. Keep the items you use most at the front of the fridge

This may sound obvious, but sometimes the most basic rules are the ones that are the most overlooked. If you put the items you use the most at hand as soon as you open the fridge door, you can get what you want instantly. Think about how much easier you can make your busy morning if you’re able to quickly grab an apple on your way out to work.


*In case of the Food ShowCase

The Food ShowCase Refrigerator will surely help you keep organized with the ShowCase. The ShowCase, which is the exterior door of the refrigerator, has actually been designed to make organizing and consuming food as easy as possible for every member of the household. With six specific food cases within the ShowCase – Cheese Case, Sauce Case, Drink Case, Snack Case, Kids Case and Multi Case – the whole family can store and find what they need easily.

2. The more visible the food, the more likely you are to use it up

From time to time, you might find an item that has passed the expiration date in your refrigerator. Chances are you may have forgotten where you left that item(s) in the fridge or the item(s) may have slipped from your memory. So, it is important to store food where you can see it easily.


*In case of the Food ShowCase

Users who use the Food ShowCase Refrigerator will find what they need at a glance. The customizable baskets or the six clear food cases allow users to put food in cases separately according to the usage and type of the food. Hence, users can find a crucial sauce easily from the sauce case while cooking, without taking time to hunt around as dinner slowly burns.

3. Store at eye level the food you want to eat most of

If you are on a diet, it’s probably best to have fresh fruit, vegetables, and chicken breast as the first you see when you open the fridge, rather than an alluring bar of chocolate sitting within easy reach.


*In case of the Food ShowCase

Thanks to the six food cases placed within the Food ShowCase Refrigerator, you can become fit and slim again. In fact, the six food cases were designed based on each family member’s behaviors and characteristics. Hence, you will be able to find fresh cucumbers for your snack from the snack case in the middle level of the fridge.

4. Store children’s’ items you’d like them to have access to at the lowest possible height

Have you ever had your hands full at home and wished that children could get a snack themselves out of the fridge? A possible solution to lighten your load at home will be to put your sons or daughters’ snacks at the bottom level so that they can reach.


*In case of the Food ShowCase

Using the Food ShowCase Refrigerator at home, your child will be able to find and take out their favorite snacks by themselves. The various food cases located within the Food ShowCase Refrigerator have actually been designed considering each family member’s heights. Thus, the Kids Case is placed in the Kids Zone, which is the lower level of the refrigerator.

5. Make the most of flexible storage

After you have done your grocery shopping for the week, did you ever think that you could not cram all the items in the fridge because of its limited size? This may be because you have not used all the space efficiently.


*In case of the Food ShowCase

Thanks to Samsung’s Space Max technology, which is an insulation technique allowing the fridge walls to be thinner while maintaining the same size and dimension of the exterior, the Food ShowCase offers more capacity within the interior of the refrigerator without compromising the overall size of the unit. In addition, as the six food cases are detachable, there are flexible storage options to make sure that everything fits.

Thus, by taking Vicky’s advice and using the Food ShowCase Refrigerator, you will be able to have a streamlined fridge that will make your fridge, kitchen, and even your life organized.

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