If you were to design an oven for Russia, would you go Retro? Samsung did

on October 1, 2014
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‘Retro’ ‘Oven’ and ‘Russia’ might seem like a random combination of words, but it won’t for long!


The ‘Retro’ style of oven is extremely popular in Russia, and holds 22 percent of the entire oven market in this region. Not so random now, is it? And yes, Samsung has a Retro Oven in Russia.



Why Retro Oven makes sense it Russia


Russia is known for its extreme weather conditions and it has been that way since before Russia was the Soviet Union or even the Russian Empire. However, many Russians know how to embrace their climate. For example, Russians have long used a wood-burning stove (pechka), or a traditional water boiler (samovar) to help combat the cold weather.


Since an oven is pretty much a modern-day take on the stove, it makes sense that Samsung created the Retro Oven to emphasize the vintage feeling conveyed by Russia’s unique cultural and environmental characteristics.

Retro Oven-lifestyle image


What is Retro about the Retro Oven


Going retro isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, an homage to tradition requires full appreciation and understanding of the heritage. Studying Russia’s cultural heritage, the designers at Samsung noted that there was an emphasis on pragmatic value and decorative splendor.


Retro Oven Models


Samsung eventually decided to apply a ‘Neo Retro’ design concept that combined retro and classic design elements to the modern shapes. And this design concept can be seen in the details such as color, decoration and graphics.


For example, the ‘Copper Gold’ accent color is inspired by the feeling of handmade objects. Moreover, the color finish is enhanced by a matte luster, which evokes the feeling of traditional kilns.


Retro Oven Knob Dial


The analogue design of the knob dial evokes the nostalgia of turning a timer by hand. A large window reiterates the retro concept, using a solid soft gold outline color that differentiates this piece from modern-style ovens.

Retro Oven- Font and graphics


Samsung’s Neo Retro Oven uses Adobe Garamond font, considered to be the perfect version of the Garamond typeface among contemporary adaptations. The icons have been re-designed to harmonize with the historical typeface, which solidifies the retro style.


Retro Oven Components


The Neo Retro Oven’s design does not simply take advantage of the past; rather it incorporates a sense of modern design to generate a new value for users. Using their existing modern designs as a starting point, Samsung began incorporating classic elements into their designs to create the Neo Retro Oven. The design does more than reflect Russia’s characteristics in a functional way; it also demonstrates the designer’s efforts to create a product that serves the region’s cultures.

Retro Oven-close up


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