Inside the Design: Curved OLED TV

on July 26, 2013
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When Samsung Electronics announced the Curved OLED TV in June in Korea, people were speechless. Curved TV? The idea certainly grabbed people’s attention. The design of it was, surely, the first of its kind. How did they do it? How did they design it and why?


Curved OLED TV


Filled with curiosity, we met up with the designers of Curved OLED TV and started asking questions. Are you ready for some inside secrets behind the design of the groundbreaking TV?



‘Timeless Arena’ Design


Curved OLED TV


The design of the Curved OLED TV is called the ‘Timeless Arena’ design, a luxurious curved frame inspired by the curvature of a beautiful arena. The beauty of the science behind this unique design is that the distance between the viewer and TV screen is the same from almost any angle, which presents the utmost picture quality.



Concentration: Keyword of the Curved OLED TV’s Design


Sungil Bang, the main designer, came up with the concept behind the design when he was at the opera. Looking around at the audience, he noticed their intense concentration on the characters and the connections that developed out of that focus.


He asked himself, “Why are people so ‘emotionally concentrated’? He started to research the correlation between ‘concentration’ and ‘emotion’.


Sungil Bang, Senior Designer, Design Team, Samsung Electronics


He realized that people were deeply concentrating when the scenes of the opera and music were harmonized to perfection. That was when he thought about bringing that concept to TV.


With the ‘concentration’ concept, I wanted to introduce a new notion: a combination of the ‘visual concentration’, a ‘curved shape’, and ‘auditory concentration’. This concept of the design focused on bringing a completely new experience of a TV to a different level


Designer Bang told us that the R&D team had a difficult time creating the excellent sound, especially implementing speakers into the frame. However, thanks to the team’s strong effort, they eventually established a built-in speaker on the frame, which produces a high quality sound.


While designer Bang focused on ‘emotion,’ designer Hyesung Park, concentrated on ‘pixel,’ which she believed to be environmentally harmonious.


Hyesung Park, Designer, Design Team, Samsung Electronics

People should feel natural in their own space. I wanted to deliver the comfort people feel when they are in the place of their own. While taking ‘concentration’ and ‘pixel’ into consideration simultaneously, I wanted the TV to present crisp images with ‘live’ pixels. With Samsung’s technology, my team and I aimed to eliminate the potential for defective pixels, which eventually led to creating a TV with the highest picture quality, the Curved OLED TV


Hence, it is clear that the immaculate image quality of the screen and the premium sound of the curved OLED TV make it very easy for people to concentrate on the content..


samsung curved oled tv



Center of the Evolution of the Design: Samsung’s Design Philosophy and Values


Moreover, both designers Bang and Park wanted to include Samsung’s design philosophy and values on the Curved OLED TV, while considering all design features such as curvature, material, and the final touch.


Their biggest challenge was to show the beauty of the harmony of a straight line and a curve. They drew thousands of sketches and drafts to create the perfect design. Finally, they created a TV with the optimal harmony of the beautiful straight and curved lines crossing.


Curved OLED TV


The frame and the curve of the screen were designed to have different curvatures. This was to provide the best Field of View (FOV) through the TV screen and make the viewers feel almost like they are being hugged by the TV thanks to the more bent exterior frame.


In addition, to express the philosophy, premium metals were used as the main material of the TV. The usage of premium metals was another feature of the ‘Timeless Arena’ design. The metal frames added a touch of elegance and sophistication.


samsung curved oled tv



Communication and Cooperation among All Contributors


The Curved OLED TV was able to project its purity, elegance, familiarity and freshness, while keeping Samsung’s basic values and design at the same time thanks to all the people who have participated in the design process.


I would like to show my appreciation to everyone at VD design team, other departments, and firms who worked with me even during Christmas Eve and the holiday season. I also want to thank the sales team and deliverymen for their cooperation


Designer Bang also commented that without the discussion with and cooperation by the people who took part in the project, he would not have been able to design the Curved OLED TV like it is today. By talking and sharing ideas with each other, he learned to understand the other person and realized what good communication is. With this kind of process, both the designers and people who were connected to the project were able to cooperate well, creating the synergy to produce the best result.


Therefore, the three features that led to the success in designing the Curved OLED TV seem to be ‘concentration,’ Samsung’s values and philosophy, and cooperation. Without these characteristics, the Curved OLED TV wouldn’t have made it to market.



Final Thoughts from the Designers


Since the design of the Curved OLED TV focused on user friendliness, we wondered what kind of design philosophy both the designers wanted to deliver to the users.


TV keeps on transforming. The exterior design is simply not the only feature that will change. TVs will become the people’s best friend. In that sense, the Curved OLED TV seems to be the prelude to that change. In the near future, I want to reach to the users emotionally with a TV much advanced beyond people’s reaction. I believe working with a consumer-oriented mind will present an answer that is derived from genuine design philosophy

I agree with designer Bang. Before starting on a new design, the essence of TV is always on our mind. The viewers should be able to see the screen well when the TV is on. I believe harmonizing beauty and simplicity, the design of the TV should move the users’ hearts. I want to create a simple design that users can easily adapt to the innovative technology and deliver a tenderness feeling, maintaining the essential qualities


designer bang and park


So there you have it – Curved OLED TV is the present and the future of TV – and it will surely find its way into your hearts!



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