[Interview] Art Store Insiders ① How Illustrator Hyun Kim Brought His Magical Worlds to The Frame

on May 28, 2020
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Illustrator Hyun Kim has been working as an artist for 18 years now, bringing to life the joy found in the everyday with his art – but nowadays at the forefront of his mind are questions about what could be next for him in getting his art to new audiences and how to keep the process exciting. Then Samsung’s lifestyle TV, The Frame, came along.



Kim’s works are imbued with a sense of warmth relatable both to adults and children, conveying fairy-tale-like stories to users of The Frame all over the world.


In order to learn more about how Kim’s work and The Frame came together in such harmony, Samsung Newsroom visited Kim’s workshop.



Creating Magical Worlds for All Ages

Kim’s work expresses those universal childhood experiences that both children and adults cherish, including the beauty of nature, time spent playing with friends and the magical world of children’s toys. “I always try my best to portray the world as seen through the eyes of children, a world of warmth and lovely things,” explained Kim. “I want those who view my art to find comfort in it – just as they would in an embrace from their mother.”


‘Gooly Gooly Friends’ by Hyun Kim. This artwork tells the story of friends having an adventure deep in a forest


This distinct warmth to Kim’s style is how his collaboration with The Frame came about. Since the living room, where many users’ TVs are situated, is the heart of the home and the center of the family space, Kim’s work is capable of appealing to both children and adults at the same time. Users can even choose which specific illustrations of Kim’s are showcased onscreen, so as to make it atmosphere suitable for a mealtime, a child’s birthday party or just a relaxing weekend.


As an artist open to new experiences, this collaboration was particularly meaningful for Kim. “I, myself, had purchased The Frame TV because I was interested in the way it allows users to bring artworks straight into their living room,” said Kim. “I was particularly pleased to then be asked to collaborate with The Frame’s Art Mode artwork collection – it fills me with awe to imagine that there might be someone on the other side of the world taking in my art in their living room.”



QLED Color Quality with an Artist’s Stamp of Approval


Following the invitation to collaborate, the artists involved, including Kim, got to work selecting which pieces were to be included in The Frame’s gallery. Given the wide range of users The Frame has, the artists had to carefully consider how to appeal to all tastes. “As I wanted to choose works of mine that could be enjoyed by all members of the family, I visited many families with children to see which works appealed most,” explained Kim. “The artworks of mine that I ended up choosing are subsequently ones that are easy to understand and very family-friendly.”


In order to ensure that the original feeling of his artworks was delivered through the screen of The Frame, Kim also worked on his artworks’ digital optimization process. When creating physical copies of his artworks, such as prints or exhibition versions, Kim had often been limited with accurate color rendering as print colors can only be realized using the four ink colors of magenta, cyan, yellow and black. However, digital colors have no such limitations, meaning the coloring of the digital versions of Kim’s artworks can be rendered more accurately.


Kim’s artworks were realized for The Frame using QLED Quantum Dot technology which is able to realize 100% of the artwork’s original color, detailing and texture. “When my artworks are printed on paper, the colors often end up being slightly different to my original work,” said Kim. “However, The Frame delivers my artworks colored as I originally did, ensuring that my original intention is conveyed to users. Artists like myself are often very sensitive about the coloration of their artworks in reproduction, but The Frame’s 4K Ultra High Definition has left me very satisfied.”


Getting Closer to Art Without Leaving Your Living Room

“With The Frame, you will find yourself encountering more and more art on the regular,” noted Kim. “As a result, you’ll be able to discover your own personal taste based on the works that you enjoy the most.”


Kim hopes that users of The Frame find his artworks peaceful when they encounter them on The Frame’s Art Mode. “You don’t need a lot of time or thought to understand my artwork,” he noted. “I want to make art pieces that give users the same feeling as comfortable clothing does; I hope my illustrations provide a moment of relaxation in the midst of users’ busy days.”


The homely world of Hyun Kim’s artworks is waiting for viewers in The Frame



* Users looking to discover Kim’s Gooly Gooly Friends in The Frame’s Art Store artwork collection can head to Partner > TONYBUNNY or Artists > GOOLYGOOLY.

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